Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

Level 1 SFRA

The Level 1 SFRA was approved by Cabinet on 19 January 2010 and and formally signed off by the Environment Agency on 11 February 2010. The written report is available to download here along with the Maps, Figures, and Appendicies.

Level 2 SFRA - Goole

The Goole Level 2 SFRA was approved by Cabinet on 5 July 2011. It also has the support of the Environment Agency. It has been prepared in accordance with national planning policy (PPS 25), enabling the Council and developers to take into account theoretical ‘worst case’ flooding scenarios when proposing/determining development. It maps ‘residual’ flood risks that could occur as a result defence overtopping (in a ‘1 in 200 year’ tidal flood event) using both current and future tide-level predictions, and defence breaches. Importantly, the Level 2 SFRA confirms that the Environment Agency is committed to maintaining and improving the town’s flood defences into the future, thus mitigating the risk of overtopping. The key residual risk to Goole therefore is the risk of a breach(es), which can never be fully eradicated. The principal SFRA maps are Figures N (Combined Breach Hazard) and O (Combined Breach Depths). These identify the relevant hazard classification for a site and appropriate design/mitigation measures. The Flood Risk Note for the Planning Application Process provides further guidance on how to use the Level 2 SFRA in preparing planning applications / site-specific flood risk assessments.

Breach Maps Overtoppping Maps

Flood Risk Note for the Planning Application Process

This Note has been prepared to provide assistance to developers, applicants, and council officers on how to use the council’s Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and how to apply national Planning Policy Statement 25 (PPS25): Development and Flood Risk in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It aims to promote transparency and consistency in the approach we will take to applying the PPS25 flood risk Sequential and Exception Tests. The note was updated in July 2011 following the publication of the Level 2 SFRA for Goole.


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