Transport Development Plan Document

Under the Council's revised Local Development Scheme (LDS), the TransportDPD will not be progressed further. Its provisions will be taken forward as relevant in other DPDs, notably the Core Strategy and Allocations DPDs.

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The Transport Development Plan Document (DPD) proposes to protect land for future Transport schemes. This is intended to assist in providing essential new infrastructure to accommodate the future housing and employment growth predicted for the East Riding.

Protection of land is also needed for Transport schemes promoted by the Council or other agencies to solve problems of congestion, safety, access and climate change.

The Transport DPD is consistent with other Plans, including the second Local Transport Plan in providing a spatial planning context. It also considers how improvements to the transport infrastructure can be achieved through new development and the potential impact it creates on the existing Transport network.

Previous Consultation

'Issues & Options' - Regulation 25

This is the first stage in the process - known as the 'issues and options' stage - in producing the Transport DPD. The document considers the transport issues facing the East Riding and develops a number of options for change. Questions are asked throughout the document to promote discussion and focus responses. You can comment on any aspect of the document.

The document is available to view below:

Or in PDF format:

The consultation period ended on 21st November 2006. The file below reports on the Issues and Options consultation and sets out the comments received, together with officer responses.It also sets out reasons for why certain transport schemes are not being progressed through the Preferred Approach Core Strategy


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