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Sewerby Hall and Gardens - Feedback Survey 2017

Complete the survey for your chance to WIN a pair of admission tickets to Sewerby Hall and Gardens!

Any information that you provide in this survey will be used by East Riding of Yorkshire Council in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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About your visit

1. Have you visited Sewerby Hall and Gardens before?
2. What would you say is the main reason(s) you have not visited Sewerby Hall and Gardens?
3. Are you a Annual Pass holder?
4. What best describes you as a visitor?
5. What attracts you to visit Sewerby Hall and Gardens? (Tick all that apply)

About your visit

6. What would you say is the main reason(s) you have visited Sewerby Hall and Gardens? (Tick all that apply)
7. How long did you spend at Sewerby Hall and Gardens?
8. Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with each of the elements listed below?
  Very Satisfied   Satisfied   Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied   Dissatisfied   Very Dissatisfied  
  Gift Shop          
  Ice Cream Parlour          
  Overall visit          

Arrival & Parking

10. How do you usually travel to Sewerby? (Tick all that apply)
11. With a growing number of visitors each year, the car park at Sewerby Hall and Gardens may need to be developed to meet this growing demand. With this in mind, please tick any/all of the following options you would consider as potential changes to the parking:

Catering / Retail

13. If Sewerby Hall and Gardens were to offer more varied catering what would you be interested in purchasing? (Tick all that apply)
14. If Sewerby Hall and Gardens were to offer more catering points where would you like to see them located? (Tick all that apply)
16. In terms of developing Sewerby Hall and Gardens retail and gift shop for visitors, would you be interested in any of the following on site? (Tick all that apply)

Future Improvements

17. What would you expect to pay for an adult ticket entrance to Sewerby Hall and Gardens (including entrance to the Zoo and other attractions)?
18. Currently the cost for admission for an adult is £7.50. Do you think the price is?
19. Do you think the admission price should be inclusive of all attractions or individually charged?
20. What additional attractions would encourage you to visit Sewerby Hall and Gardens in the future? (Tick all that apply)
21. How do you find out about upcoming events at Sewerby Hall and Gardens?

Future Improvement

22. If you were getting married would you consider Sewerby Hall and Gardens as a wedding venue?
23. How important would the following be to you when choosing a wedding venue?
  Not important   Fairly important   Very important  
  Price/Wedding Packages      
  Food options      
  Opening times of the venue      
  Friendliness of the staff      
  Child-friendly venue      
  Exclusivity of the venue      
  On-site accommodation      
  Capacity of the venue      

About you

26. What is your gender?
27. What is your age?
28. Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

Thank you for completing this survey. To be in with a chance of winning admission tickets, please fill in your details below:





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