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Healthwatch - What do you know?

Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire is your local independent watchdog for health and social care.

Healthwatch is here to:
·   make sure your views and experience of health and social care are raised with the people who design and deliver these services
·    provide information about local health and social care services
·    ensure that everyone can be involved in improving our health and social care services

East Riding of Yorkshire Council would like to find out how much people know about Healthwatch and what you think about the services they provide.  Your views will help Healthwatch influence how health and social care services are designed and delivered in the East Riding.

For information about your local Healthwatch please follow this link www.healthwatcheastridingofyorkshire.co.uk

For information about Healthwatch England follow this link www.healthwatch.co.uk

Your responses are confidential, will not be shared and you will not be personally identified.

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Some of the questions below talk about ‘health and social care services’;

Social Care Services include, for example, support at home or in day centres and care homes and the provision of equipment as well as support for families.

Health Services include, for example, GP surgeries, hospitals, dentists and community health services (such as health visitors and school nurses), mental health services and maternity units.

1. Have you heard of Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire?
1.a How/where did you hear about Healthwatch East Rising of Yorkshire? (Please tick all that apply)
2. Have you ever made contact with Healthwatch?
2.a Do you know how to contact Healthwatch? (Please tick)
You can contact Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire by;
Telephone - 01482 334 999, Office - 01482 665 684
Email -  enquiries@healthwatcheastridingofyorkshire.co.uk
Post - Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire, Brough Business Centre, Skillings Lane, Brough, East Riding of Yorkshire,HU15 1EN
3. Please tell us why you contacted Healthwatch (tick all that apply)
4. The following is a list of the services a local Healthwatch provide.  Please tick in the appropriate column all those that you are aware of and those you are not:
  Yes- I knew this   No - I didn't know this  
  Help local people to be involved in the commissioning, provision and scrutiny of local health and care services    
  Help local people to monitor the standard of local health and care services    
  Use your views and experiences to make recommendations about how local health and care services can be improved    
  Provide advice and information about local health and care services    
  Report concerns to Healthwatch England and the Care Quality Commission    
  Visit health and social care premises  to talk to users’ and their families about their experience of the service    
5. On a scale of 0 – 3 please tell us how satisfied you were with the level of service you received from Healthwatch (0 = Not at all satisfied; 3 = Highly satisfied)
0   1   2   3  

About you...

6. Are you:
7. Please indicate your age group:
8. Please state your sexual orientation:
9. Please state your religion or belief:
10. Which ethnic group do you consider you belong to:
11. Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

Thank you for filling in this survey.

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