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In Focus

The following objects represents the very best or most topical records our collection offers. These records have been selected by our team of curators.

Nude Seated in a Studio
Elwell, Frederick William

Portrait of a nude young woman, seated in artist's studio. Canvasses and other artists materials scattered around her. Antique look wooden frame. Nudes were an unusual subject for Fred Elwell, although his training certainly included studies of the human form. Elwell's work in Paris did produce one of his best remembered works - Leonie's Toilet (1894). This painting may have been produced at a London Studio.   [More Info]

Lifeboat rescue
Wilson, G.

View of Bridlington bay, with Flamborough Head in the distance. Rough seas, with men on the sea wall, attempting to rescue the crew of a lifeboat. Christopher Brown, who was one of the crew, was drowned during this incident.   [More Info]

Gilt bronze sword pommel
Armour and Weapons

Early 7th century Anglo-Saxon sword pommel, with leaded bronze core and elaborately decorated gold surface. Found by two metal detectorists on the beach at Aldbrough. One face and part of the upper side are decorated with rows of cells framed by beaded wire. The ends have rows of wire. The other face has an elaborate knotwork pattern in wire, interspersed with small circles. It originally had pairs of long rivets with domed caps, of which two survive, with their lower ends bent over. The other two, perhaps of iron with gold caps, are lost. The leaded bronze core has a central opening for receipt of the tang.   [More Info]