Brown bin waste

What to put in a brown bin, putting your bin out, text reminders, uncollected waste, tags, new or extra bins.

What can I put in my brown bin?

You must only place garden or food waste in your brown bin. Find out in detail what you can put in your brown bin:

Please note: we also provide free kitchen caddies that you can put a caddy liner in and use to temporarily store food waste in your home until you can put it in your brown bin.

When and where should I put my brown bin out?

You must put your brown bin out on the street at the edge of your property by 7am on the morning of your collection day.

If you live on a farm or have a private ten foot, you must place your brown bin at the collection point we have agreed. This is usually at the nearest point to the public road.

Please note: your collections will temporarily change following a bank holiday. Check the bin calendar to find out when your bins will be collected over these periods.

Can you remind me to put my brown bin out?

Yes, you can sign up to our text reminder service which will send you reminders for all your different bins the night before they are due to be collected.

Simply text your 'calendar code' to '07507 307088'.

Please note: you can find your 'calendar code' on the printed collection calendar that was posted to you. Can't find it? See below...

Here's how to find your 'calendar code' online:

If you don't have the printed bin collection calendar that we sent you, you can:

  • visit the online bin collection checker
  • download and open the printable collection calendar for your address 
  • find your 'calendar code', such as 'NW1A'
  • text your 'calendar code' to 07507 307088. 

How can I stop receiving text reminders for my bin?

Just text STOP followed by your 'calendar code' (do not add any spaces) to 07508 307088, such as 'STOPNW1A'.

Please note: you only need to send one text to stop the reminder service for all your different bins.

Can I change my mobile number for text reminders?

Yes, simply stop the reminders for your old mobile number (only if your old number will be used by somebody else), then sign up for reminders for your new number.

I’ve moved, can I change my text reminders?

Yes, simply stop the reminders for your old address, then sign up for reminders at your new address.

Why wasn’t my brown bin collected?

The most common reasons for a brown bin not being collected are: 

  • you didn’t put it out before 7am on your scheduled collection day
  • it wasn’t accessible to our crew
  • the lid wasn’t fully closed
  • there was a reason why we couldn’t accept your waste and a tag will have been attached to your bin explaining why
  • parked vehicles may have stopped our bin lorry reaching your property
  • it’s before 4pm on the day of collection - the bin crew may still come and collect your waste. 

If none of the above reasons apply, find out if we can come back and collect it for you.

Can you come back for my uncollected garden and food waste?

We may be able to come back and collect your recycling waste if you meet certain conditions:

Was the uncollected waste inside your brown bin or on the ground next to it?

What can I do with extra garden and food waste?

If your brown bin is full and you can’t wait for the next collection, you can:

  • bring garden waste to any household waste recycling site (HWRS) to be composted. Food waste cannot be recycled at an HWRS, so please separate it from your garden waste and leave it in your brown bin for your next scheduled collection

    Please note:
    for the health and safety of yourself and others you must not bring wheelie bins to a household waste and recycling site. 
  • book and pay for a bulky collection for your garden waste

    Please note: 
    we do not compost garden waste when we collect it as part of a bulky collection. 
  • compost garden waste and most food items at home.

Why is there a tag on my brown bin?

We’ll leave a tag on your bin if we haven’t been able to empty it because:

  • there was something in there we do not collect
  • it’s too heavy to tip into the bin lorry. 

The tag lists items that shouldn’t be in your brown bin. Remove any such items and place your bin out on your next collection date.

Find out what you can do with extra garden or food waste if you can’t wait this long. 

What will this bin be used for?

What happens to the waste I put in my brown bin?

All the waste you put in your brown bin is taken to an in-vessel composting (IVC) facility where it processed over time to become compost.

Each year we hold compost giveaways for East Riding residents.

What and when are household compost giveaways?

Each year in May we give away around 5,000 15kg bags of compost created from brown bin waste.

Dates and locations of these events are available in the table below. 

We also advertise the events in local newspapers, our own newsletter, 'Your East Riding', which will be delivered to your home, and our Facebook and Twitter sites.

If you are an East Riding resident, you just need to turn up in your vehicle at one of our events, and we will put two free bags of compost in it for you to take home and use in your garden. 

The giveaways are on a first-come, first-served basis and will end when all the compost bags have been given away.

Please note: do not arrive at the event early to queue, as you may cause disruption to the local roads, and you will be turned away for safety reasons.

2018 compost giveaway events
Date Venue and time
Saturday 12 May
ERYC Beverley Depot, Annie Reed Road, off Grovehill Road and Beck View Road, Beverley, HU17 0LF from 10am
Monday 14 May
Market car park, Market Weighton, YO43 3AJ from 4pm
Tuesday 15 May
Brantingham Park rugby ground, Elloughton, HU15 8UZ  from 4pm
Wednesday 16 May
South Holderness School (Technology College), Preston, HU12 8UZ from 4pm
Thursday 17 May
West Park Goole, DN14 6UU from 4pm
Friday 18 May
Pocklington Henry Thirsk Amenity Centre car park ( Pockllington Town AFC), The Balk, Pocklington, YO42 2NZ from 4pm
Saturday 19 May
ERYC Carnaby depot, Carnaby Industrial Estate, Lancaster Road, Carnaby, near Bridlington, YO15 3QY from 10am
Monday 21 May
Pavilion car park next to East Riding Leisure Withernsea, Station Road, Withernsea, HU19 2QA from 4pm
Tuesday 22 May Broadway car park, Hornsea, HU18 1PZ from 4pm
Friday 25 May  Driffield Showground, Kelleythorpe, Driffield, YO25 9DN from 4pm

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