School/college transport information

Information on transport provided by the council, travelling on buses without a pass, how to find bus service routes and times, bad weather, lost property on buses and how to get help with bullying on the bus. 

Does the council provide transport to local schools and colleges?

It is the responsibility of parents to get their children to and from school or college safely, however, we do provide bus and taxi* services for children who are eligible to receive free transport

Any spaces left on these services can be used by children who either pay a daily fare or buy a travel pass but spare places are allocated on a priority basis. Find out how to apply to buy a travel pass and get on the waiting list.

Please note: transport is available to only some schools in and around the East Riding. Find out if yours is one of them - take a look at  council-operated bus routes.

* Taxi services are only available to students eligible to receive free transport who attend schools where full bus services aren’t required or have special travel needs, for instance, disability or behavioural needs.

Seat belts must be provided where there is a legal requirement to do so, but where there is not, the council does not ask for or require seat belts to be provided. Where seat belts are provided, they must be worn at all times. 

Can my child travel on council buses without a travel pass?

Yes they can, but as children who have a travel pass will be given seating priority, it may be standing room only. It is also much more expensive to travel without a pass:

For example; it works out as £2.84 return per day if you buy a travel pass whereas it costs £4.00 to travel on our buses without a pass.

However, this option may be useful if your usual method of transport (ie car) is unavailable for the odd day.

Take a look at council operated bus routes and see if there is a service.

What are the service routes and times to and from school/college?

Before applying to receive transport (free or paid), you need to check if the council provides a service to your school:

Take a look at council-operated bus routes.

If your child is eligible to receive free transport but there isn’t currently a service running to your school, we will still provide transport.

Can my child get to school/college using public transport?

East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS)

To find out if East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS) have a service that will get your child to and from school, either:

  • Use Google Maps – type in your street name, followed by the school and it will give you a map route indicating the bus routes and services, but also shows where you might need need to walk parts of the journey:

Google maps (external website)

  • Call EYMS – Call the EYMS Busline on (01482) 592929 during their office hours of 8am – 8pm and they will be able to advise the best route to and from the school:

Visit their website for more information:

EYMS - Fares (external website)

EYMS - Discounts (external website)

EYMS - College and university students (external website)

Do the council buses run during bad weather?

Our buses and taxis will always attempt to operate unless we have been told that a school/college is closed for the day.

If, in attempting a run, the driver feels that to operate a portion of the route would be dangerous, then the driver will be unable to operate that portion of route.

Safety of everyone on board a vehicle is paramount, and although in some cases a car may be able to access a road, a bus may not.

Where a driver is unable to operate a portion of route, this will also apply for the return journey in the afternoon, unless things significantly improve and we are able to inform the school.

Read up-to-the-minute information about the latest school closures.

Can you help me find something my child has left on the bus?

Yes, the bus operator will be able to help you. 

Take a look at council-operated bus routes, find the bus service number that the item was left on and contact the operator on the number provided.

How can I help my child who is being bullied on the bus?

Reporting incidents

We encourage you to report any issues you or your child experience with school transport. You can do this by reporting any incidents to Buswise* at either:

Report a problem on a school bus (external website)

Alternatively, you can telephone 03456 445 959.

You can also see some common questions about dealing with bus-related incidents:

Buswise – FAQs (external East Riding website)

*Buswise is a partnership involving schools, parents, local bus companies and East Riding of Yorkshire Council that works to ensure everyone has a pleasant journey to and from school.

Changing buses

If your child is getting bullied then they might be able to change bus routes if you and the school agree this would be the best option. 

Read more about changing your bus route.

Where can I get copies of the home to school transport policy?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s policy on home to school transport can be seen by clicking on the following link:

Home to school transport policy (pdf 135kb opens in new window)

What is the council's policy statement on transport for post-16 students?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s 2018-2019 policy statement on transport for post-16 students can be seen by clicking on the link below:

Policy Statement for 2018-19 Post 16 Transport (pdf 147kb opens in new window)

If you would like to make any more information, please contact the pupil services manager by emailing:

Email: schoolorganisation@eastriding.gov.uk

Last Updated: Thursday, 31 May 2018