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TitleVolume assembled by Gillyat Sumner
DescriptionContains: Section 'Saint Mary in Beverley Biscopdynges' p1 Copy Charter of James II 11 Mar 1684/5 p2 Abstract of Title of Beverley Corporation to two houses in the Dings, nd p3 Memorandum of lease as 10-11 below pp10-11 Copy lease for 7 years at £54, 12s rent: James Donaldson innkeeper to Michael Hind cellarman both of Beverley Property: the White Swan Inn on East side of Saturday Market Place in the Dings 6 Apr 1826 pp12-15 Draft lease as 10-11 1 May 1826 p16 Draft Agreement relating to a loan of £100 from Robert Crosley maltster to (James Donaldaon?) 1723 pp17-25 Draft will of James Donaldson maltster Bequests to son John; grandson James; nephew Thomas Longbone Donaldaon; Hannah wife of Richard Hill Property: White Swan Inn; houses on East side of North Bar Street; messuages on North side of Dog and Duck Lane With draft clause and codicil (2 Jan 1828) Sep 1827 p26 Analysis of will as 17-25 p27 Agreement: James Donaldson (as 17-25) to John Hall of Beverley For repayment of £170 and deposit of title deeds of the White Swan 2 Jan 1828 28, 51, 39, 73-331, 334-347 Correspondence and vouchers relating to affairs of James and John Donaldson pp29-30 Draft notices to creditors of James Donaldson pp32-37 Draft and executed Letter of Attorney; John Donaldson of Beverley surgeon to Matthew Empson of Beverley gentleman to receive debts, and generally to act for JD during his absence from Beverley 13 Jul 1829 p38 'Account of the Sale of Mr Donaldson's Household Furniture' 14 Aug 1829 p41 Lawyer's notes mainly written in shorthand nd p42 Fire Insurance Policy of White Swan public house 4 Feb 1831 pp43-58 Accounts and correspondence of John Willis and Christopher Muschamp devisees of James Donaldson relating to insurance policy as 52 4 Feb 1831-Apr 1841 pp59-67 Drafts: lease for 7 years at £75 2s rent: John Willis gentleman surviving devisee of James Donaldson to Michael Hind of Beverley innkeeper Property: The White Swan 31 Sep 1833 p68 Receipt for rent paid by Michael Hind 23 Oct 1839 pp69-71 Renewal of lease as 59-67 4 Apr 1840 p72 Memorial of will as 17-23 14 Apr 1840 pp332-533 Probate copy of will of John Yates or Beverley cordwainer Bequests to wife Mary Personalty Probate 3 Sep 1632 3 Jun 1803 pp348-351 Draft Feoffment for £225 Parties: 1) Beverley Corporation and their attorney 2) John Willis gentleman to 3) Isaac Wilkinson painter and his trustee 4) Richard Empson plumber all of Beverley Property: messuage on East side of Saturday Market 25 Mar 1825 pp352-402 Papers relating to bankruptcy of John Jakeman of Market Place, Beverley cabinet maker Jan 1825-16 Sep 1828 Including: p368 Sale catalogue of 'all the Splendid Stock in Trade and Genteel Household Furniture' 21-22 Jul 1826 pp403-404 Draft conditions of sale of two houses at North end of the Dings and East side of Saturday Market Place 20 Jan 1826 p405 Rough notes relating to claims for debt and other legal business nd pp406-409 Draft of feoffment for £195 Parties: 1) Beverley Corporation and their attorney 2) John Willis gentleman 3) Matthew Empson gentleman to 4) John Coaks ropemaker and his trustee 5) James Findlater beast jobber all of Beverley Property: messuage and shop at North end of Biscopdynges on East side of Saturday Market 3 Apr 1826 pp410-412 Letters between Matthew Empson and John Coaks and Mr Anderson, Stonegate, York relating to possible bankruptcy of JC Sep 1832 pp413-416 Draft feoffment for £430 Parties: 1) Beverley Corporation and their attorney 2) John Willis gentleman to 3) Matthew Empson gentleman and his trustee 4) Thomas Thompson Hansell of Hull merchants Property: two messuages at North end of the Biscopdynges on East side of Saturday Market 3 Apr 1826 pp417-421 Draft mortgage for £300: Matthew Empson to Nicholas Smith both of Beverley gentlemen Property: as 413-416 above 4 Apr 1826 p422 Schedule of title deeds as 413-421 above pp423-432 Drafts agreement and grant for £100 Parties: 1) Matthew Empson to 2) John Holliday labourer and his trustee 3) John Willis gentleman all of Beverley Property: annuity of £12 out of property as 417-421 above 6, 8 Apr 1826 p433 Letter to Matthew Empson from Henry Cawood, York relating to annuity as 423-430 14 Apr 1826 pp434-442, 445-451, 455, 457, 463-464, 466, 471, 483, 485-486, 490-518 Vouchers of Matthew Empson relating to property (as 417-421?) and payment of annuities 1826- 1836 pp443-444 Agreements: Matthew Empson gentleman and John Holliday yeoman both of Beverley Property: ME to grant to JH for £10 annuity of £1 5s 31 Mar 1827 pp452-454 Draft lease for 7 years at £16 16s rent: Matthew Empson gentleman to William B Johnson printer both of Beverley Property: messuage on North end of the Dings Feb 1828 pp456, 477, 522 592, 603, 604, 608, 611, 613, 617, 628, 640, 646, 674, 675, 686, 893-896, 913, 841, 945, 946, 1074, 1215, 1237-8, 1244, 1246 Notices to quit Property in the Butter Dings; parish St Mary; Walkergate; Dog and Duck Lane, Ladygate; Lairgate; North Bar Street 1826-1836 457-462, 465, 467-470, 484, 487-489, 521 'Protector' Fire Insurance Policy and correspondence Oct-Dec 1828 pp519-520 Draft tenancy agreement: Matthew Empson gentleman to Robert Barker late of Molescroft now of Beverley laborer Property: messuage in Biscopdyngs Aug 1836 pp523-534 Estimate for repairing houses occupied by Akrill and Barns in the Butterdyngs Mar 1840 pp526-527 Agreement for tenancy by Thomas Clough of house in the Market Place, Beverley at £8 5s rent With notice to quit 23 Jul 1838 Section 'Burden Midding Lane' pp529-531 Copy will of John Watson of Beverley yeoman Bequests to wife Ann; nephews Christopher, John and Francis Tadman and John and Daniel Leavens; Matthew Ruddock labourer, Edward Denton cordwainer; poor of parishes St Martins and St Mary's and St Nicholas Property: messuages, garth and orchard on North side of Burden Midding Lane; messuages,stables and garth on South side of Norwood Witnesses: James Mihill, Edward Bell junior 6 Apr 1732 pp532-536, 591-598, 602-607, 609-610, 614, 616, 618, 627, 630, 632, 634-639, 642-645, 648-649, 672-673 Vouchers for legal work, rent, insurance and repairs 1808-1825 p537 Copy of authority to distrain goods and chattels in house of Stephen Smelt in Dog and Duck Lane 17 Dec 1827 pp538-543 Sale bill: draft conditions of sale and list of bids for 8 houses in Dog and Duck Lane property of James Donaldson deceased 31 Mar 1828 pp544-571 Draft abstract of title of devisees of James Donaldson deceased to property as 538-543 (1736-1840) pp572-575 Correspondence relating to sale of property as 538-543 1828 pp576-584 Draft of deeds of covenants for production of title deeds to property as 538-543: Christopher Muschamp maltster and John Willis gentleman (devisees of James Donaldson innholder) to John Nottingham Tate schoolmaster all of Beverley 14 Jul 1828 pp586, 590 'Protector' Fire Insurance Policy and correspondence Jul 1828 p599 Inventory of goods and chattels distrained from house of Matthew Ireland in Dog and Duck Lane 20 Jan 1830 pp600-601 Account of sale of Henry Mason's effects 29 Mar 1830 p629 Memorandum of lease: John Donaldson to Bainbridge Hood Property: house in Dog and Duck Lane 10 Dec 1836 p631 Consent of David Sandvidge that John Donaldson shall keep possession of goods distrained from house in parish St Mary Beverley 5 Jan 1837 p635 Consent of Aaron Cressey to sale of his goods distrained for non-payment of rent 28 Nov 1837 p641 Consent of Elizabeth Mitchell to sale of her goods distrained for non-payment of rent 1840 p647 Notice from Henry Watson of Beverley joiner of his claim to chest of drawers distrained from Joseph Cross for non-payment of rent 11 Jan 1841 p650 Affidavit of Samuel Hall of Beverley gentleman, relating to a fine by Christopher Sanderson and wife Sarah pp651-652 Particulars and conditions of sale for messuage in Dog and Duck Lane 21 Apr 1823 pp653-666 Abstract of title of Samuel Hall and Henry Casson relating to messuages in Dog and Duck Lane alias Burdett Midding Lane (1747-1822) pp667-670 Draft release and assignment for £455 Parties: 1) Samuel Hall of Beverley gentleman , and Henry Casson late of Hull now of Tilworth Grainge parish Sutton merchant (executors of will of Christopher Geldart of Beverley gentleman, deceased) to 2) Thomas Cook of Beverley bleacher and his trustee 3) James Ruff of Hornsea yeoman Property: nine messuages on North side of Burdett Midding Lane now called Dog and Duck Lane 10 Oct 1823 p671 Draft will of Thomas Cook (as 667-670) Bequests to wife Hannah; daughter Mary wife of Samuel Newton of Scarborough miller Property: messuages in Burdett bidding Lane; two closes called the Bleaching Green in Beverley Park; messuage in Minster Moorgate 15 Jul 182(3) pp676-684 Correspondence p685 Notice of declaration in case: Henry Johnson versus Matthew Empson for debt 23 Dec 1840 p687 Lease for 21 years at £1 10s rent; Beverley Corporation to Frances Coulson of Beverley widow Property: Butt Close adjoining the Westwood (St Giles Farr Croft East) Witnesses: James Mihill 22 Apr 1725 Section 'Cross Garths' pp688-689 Extract from Conveyance for £63: Rebecca Thompson of Beverley to her sister Mary T of Hull spinsters Property: two tenements, coach house, stable and other appurtenances in Cross Garths in Beverley 16 Sep 1729 p690 Copy of the will of John Dale of Beverley sadler Bequests to wife Jane; son Richard; daughter Mary Property: Beverley, Hornsea Burton 7 Oct 1736 p691 Extract from Conveyance for £70: Francis Pryme and his eldest son and heir Christopher P both of Hull merchants to William Priestman of Beverley joiner Property: cottage and appurtenances in the Cross Garths in Beverley 25 Nov 1760 p692 Extract from Mortgage for £70: William Priestman (as 691) to John Idle of South Cave gentleman Property: as 691 27 Nov 1760 p693 Extract from Mortgage for £130: William Priestman (as 691) to Joseph Kirby of Mountain Walk yeoman Property: newly erected messuage and appurtenances in the Cross Garths 9 May 1761 pp694-695 'Remarks on Mr Harrison's title to hereditaments at Beverley, intended to be mortgaged to Miss Ann Lee' as 696-700 1830 pp696-700 Draft mortgage for £150 Parties: 1) Henry Harrison of Beverley plumber and glazier 2) Thomas Smith of Bonwick farmer (exors of will of William Broadley of Kirkbum gentleman deceased) to 3) Ann Lee of Beverley spinster and 4) John Charles Lee of Beverley merchant Property: two messuages in the Cross Garths 20 Oct 1830 pp701-702 Bond in £300 for performance of covenants of 696-700 20 Oct 1830 p703 Schedule of title deeds relating to property as 696-700 above (1763-1830) pp704-705 'Expenses of the Gaol Prisoners' 1825-1827 pp706-711 Estimates for work at the Gaol Nov 1827-Mar 1828 pp712-713 Draft bond in £600: Charles Ross porter merchant to Ann Lee spinster both of Beverley for performance of covenants of deed of same date 11 Mar 1831 p714 Schedule of title deeds relating to wine and porter vaults 1831 pp715-885 Writ, affidavits, assignments, correspondence etc relating to bankruptcy of Charles Ross of Beverley wine merchant 1834-1839 p886 Ground plan and elevation of Beverley and East Riding Mechanics' Institute (1841) pp887-889 Statement of account and report of the Committee of the Beverley and East Riding Mechanics' Institute 1841-1842 p890 Draft agreement for sale for £10: Thomas Harrison blacksmith to George Ruddock fishmonger both of Beverley Property: tenant right in blacksmith's shop in Dyer Lane 25 Jun 1829 Section 'Hengate' p891 Sale bill for house occupied as East Riding Savings Bank on North side of Hengate 8 Apr 1844 Section 'Ladygate' p892 Notice from John Moor and his daughter Caroline for Edmond Barman to quit tenancy of house; and other tenants to pay rents to CM 25 Sep 1828 pp897-899 Vouchers pp900-901 Draft lease for 6 years at £40 rent: Beverley Corporation to Thomas Burton cordwainer and his surety Stephen Denton esquireboth of Bishop Burton Property: piccage and stallage of markets and fairs in Beverley Stallhouse, Fish Shambles and Butter Shambles in Ladygate 10 Apr 1837 p902 Draft letter from Thomas Burton (as 900-901) to the mayor of Beverley relating to Stephen Denton who wishes to be released as surety as in 900-901 24 Feb 1840 Section 'Lairgate' p903 Agreement for sale for £1,000: Richard Simpson of Leconfield innkeeper to John Simpson of Beverley innholder Property: Cross Keys Inn, Lairgate Oct-1809 p904 Agreement for sale for £1,300: John Simpson of Beverley innholder to William Clayton of Londesborough gentleman Property: Cross Keys Inn 5 Mar 1819 pp905-906 Lease for 7 years at £70 rent: William Clayton (as 904) to William Sissons of Leven common brewer Property: Cross Keys Inn Aug 1826 pp907-910, 913, 916 Correspondence and vouchers relating to the Cross Keys Inn Apr-Jul 1832 p912 Alehouse Licence granted to William Scott for the Cross Keys 13 Sep 1832 p914 Tenancy agreement at £60 rent: William Dargavell of Beverley gentleman to George Green of Howden innkeeper Property: Cross Keys 16 Oct 1832 p915 Notice from William Scott to overseers and constables of parish St Mary of his intention to transfer licence (as 912) to George Green (as 914) 27 Oct 1832 p917 Form of Certificate of inhabitants of Howden relating to character of George Green (as 914) 2 Nov 1832 p918 Notice from James Sotheby to William Lovell to quit cottage and garden in Lairgate 30 Mar 1824 p919 Letter from Francis Wilkinson relating to case Lovel versus Suddaby Section 'Landres Lane' pp921-922 Letters from Thomas W Sherwood, Allerthorpe to Matthew Empson, solicitor, Beverley relating to leasing of No 6 Landress Lane 9-12 Mar 1840 Section 'Newbegin' pp924-925 Copies of will of Ann Audus of Beverley widow Bequests to sister Jane Carton spinster; nephew Reverend Robert Warney of Newcastle on Tyne Property: messuage on South side of Newbegin nd pp926-927 Copy of mortgage for £20: Richard Clarke cabinet maker to Robert Keningham druggist both of Beverley Property: cottage on North side of Newbegin 29 Nov 1823 p928 Acknowledgement by Robert Keningham of Beverley druggist that he holds deeds relating to cottage in Newbegin which he will surrender to Richard Clark on payment of £20 29 Nov 1823 pp929-931 Mortgage for £130: Bainbridge Hood of Beverley innkeeper to Dinah Pinn of Sculcoates spinster Property: paddock in Newbegin 18 May 1830 p932 Schedule of title deeds relating to property as 929-931 1830 pp933-937, 940 Accounts and correspondence of Miss Dinah Pinn 1830-1837 pp938-939 Notice from Matthew Empson relating to payment of rents of property as 929-931 above 9 Sep 1836 pp947-948 Informations of John Brigham in relation to theft of currant berry trees by John Crump of Beverley bricklayer 1839 Section 'North Bar Within' pp949-953 Abstract of title of John Binnington relating to houses in North Bar Street (1724-1784) pp954-958 Notices to quit 1816-1824 p959 Tenancy agreement: Ann Simpson of Hull to John Brown of Beverley sadler Property: house and stable in North Bar Street 1 Dec 1825 p960 Agreement for sale for £650: Ann Simpson (as 959) to James Donaldson of Beverley Property: two housesin North Bar Street 5 Dec 1826 pp961, 964 Memoranda of Agreement as 960 pp962-963 Letters from EastW Bedell, Hull to Matthew Empson concerning conveyance as 960 12, 24 Jan 1827 pp965-976 Draft release for £350 Parties: 1) Robert Cross of Sculcoates builder 2) Ann Simpson of nylon widow to 3) James Donaldson of Beverley yeoman 4) Christopher Muschamp of Beverley maltster 5) Peter Jackson of Riston Grange and John Jackson of Grimston gentlemen 6) William Jennison of Beverley cowkeeper Property: as 960, 2 Feb 1827 p977 Tenancy agreement: James Donaldson (as 965-976) to Thomas Brown of Beverley sadler Property: house and shop on East side of North Bar Street 19 Mar 1827 pp978, 997-1053, 1965-1085, 1090-1133, 1154, 1156-1157, 1161-1162, 1166 Vouchers and correspondence 1828-1830 pp979-995 Summons, correspondence, accounts and papers in Thomas Brown versus John Donaldson for debt 1829-1830 p996 Schedule of title deeds relating to two houses in North Bar Street (as 960) 1724-1827 pp1054-1063 Draft transfer of mortgage: Ann Simpson of Myton widow to John Carter of Sculcoates foreman Property: as 960 above 3 Oct 1834 p1064 Schedule of title deeds (1724-1834) pp1086-1088 Draft Authorities to distrain goods of David Sandvidge and John Tuting for arrears 1836 p1089 Affidavit of William George Stather of Beverley auctioneer relating to sale of goods of James Duffill of North Bar Street turner nd pp1134-1138 Writ, declaration and account in Case: John Donaldson versus David Purdon and William Spence for debt Sep 1833 pp1139-1141 Notices to quit 1814-1821 pp1142-1149 Draft assignment of mortgage Parties: 1) Samuel Hall esquire and 2) William Harrison blacksmith both of Beverley to 3) Thomas Thompson late of Chidwick county Dorset now of Tredegar Place, parish Bow, county Middlsex gentleman Property: messuage on West side of Within North Bar; messuages and blacksmith's shop in parish St Mary (Charters Lane South) 12 Dec 1827 p1151 Draft bond in £500 for performance of covenants of 1142-1149 12 Dec 1827 pp1152-1153 Schedules of title deeds relating to 1142-1149 (1806-1827) p1155 Memoranda of will of William Harrison (as 1142-1149) Bequests to William, John and Charles Harrison; daughters Ann, Maria and Elizabeth H pp1158-1162 Surrender of mortgage terms as 1142-1149: Thomas Thompson to William Harrison 24 Jan 1832 p1165 Sale bill for 13 houses, blacksmith's shop, stables and yards in North Bar Street Within 27 Jun 1843 pp1167-1169 Conveyance for £148 Parties: 1) John Watson to 2) Henry W and his trustee 3) Thomas W all of Beverley joiners Property: messuage on W side of North Bar Street Within Mar 1839 p1170 Memorial of 1167-1169 1839 Section 'North Bar Without' pp1171-1200 Abstract of title of Charles, Lord Yarborough and Honourable Charles Anderson Pelham Property: Beverley, Tickton, Weel, Woodmansey, Thearne, Hull Brigg, Stork, Sandholme, Waghen and Cottingham (1724-1803) 1201-1206 Copy of conveyance for £350 Parties: 1) William Dickinson of Brocklesby and William Hesleden of Barton upon Humber gents, (trustees of Charles Andersen Pelham son and heir of Lord Yarborough) 2) Charles, Lord Yarborough and Charles Anderson Pelham to 3) Christopher Geldart of Beverley merchant 4) Henry Casson of Hull merchant Property: messuage and premises at Beverley (North Bar Without?) 10 Oct 1811 p1207 Copy of particulars and conditions of sale for messuages in North Bar Street 21 Apr 1823 pp1208-1214 Abstract of title of Samuel Hall and Henry Casson (devisees of Christopher Geldart deceased) property: as 1207 (1808-1822) pp1215-1216, 1236-1238 1269, 1244-1246, 1259, 1263, 1269, 1273 Accounts and correspondence relating to notices to quit 1825 pp1217-1224 Additional Abstract of Title to property sold to John Cockerill as 1207 (1824) pp1225-1229 Draft release for £550 Parties: 1) David Ouston merchant to 2) John Cockerill upholsterer and his trustee 3) James Ingram gentleman all of Beverley Property: messuages and hereditaments in North Bar Street 12 Feb 1825 pp1230-1234 Draft mortgage for £600: John Cockerill (as 1225-1229) to Robert Keningham junior of Beverley druggist Property: as 1225-1229 14 Feb 1825 p1235 Schedule of title deeds relating to property as 1230-1234 (1808-1825) pp1239-1243 Draft release Parties: 1) David Ouston coalmerchant to 2) William Bugg yeoman and his trustees 3) Richard Empson plumber and 4) John Cockerhill upholsterer all of Beverley Property: as 1225-1229 Feb 1825 p1247 Tenancy agreement: William Bugg yeoman to Joseph Thwaites joiner both of Beverley Property: house and joiner's shop on West side of North Bar Without 2 May 1826 pp1248-1257 Papers and correspondence relating to Protector Fire Insurance Policy 1828-1830 p1258 Draft will of William Dry of Beverley joiner and thrashing machine maker Bequests to wife Ann; son John; nieces Elizabeth Butler (daughter of John B of Newcastle upon Tyne gentleman by his wife Margaret nee Boyes), Margaret Bell daughter of Thomas B of Manchester excisemen Property: property in North Bar Without 14 Nov 1817 pp1260-1262 Draft lease for 5 years at £18 rent Parties: 1) Ann Dry widow and 2) son John D machine maker both of Beverley to 3) Reverend Charles Mayo of Chesnunt, county Hertfordshire Property: messuage and garden on West side of North Bar Street Without 29 Aug 1836 pp1264-1266 Draft of mortgage for £50: John Day yeoman to Matthew Empson gentleman both of Beverley Property: messuage Without North Bar 29 Nov 1828 pp1267-1268 Abstract of title of John Day relating to property as 1264-6 (1811) p1270 Draft of affidavit of John Day late of Beverley now of Morrton county Lincs, yeoman and Francis Iveson of Beverley gentleman For erection of wall at property as 1264-6 4 Nov 1835 pp1271-1272 Draft of release for £200 Parties: 1) Robert Harrison tailor to 2) Samuel Robinson tailor and his trustee 3) John Westoby gentleman all of Beverley Property: messuage Without North Bar Street 2 Feb 1835 p1274 Memorandum and draft bill of sale Property: three houses and garden 'fronting the street Without North Bar and ranges down Pickhill Lane', nd pp1275-1276 Extract from deed of Partition Parties: 1) William Plaxton gentleman and wife Frances 2) John Walker linen draper and wife Fanny 3) Robert Walker silversmith bachelor to 4) Reverend Luke Dennis Property: two messuages Without North Bar; two messuages in Trinity Lane in Beverley. Cottage and garth at Molescroft. Messuage on South side of Union Street, parish Myton 11 Oct 1831 p1277 Requisitions on title to 1278 below 8 Aug 1835 pp1278-1282 Draft of conveyance for £220 Parties: 1) William Plaxton of Newton upon Derwent gentleman 2) Reverend Luke Dennis 3) Betty Plaxton widow to 4) George Willis gentleman all of Beverley Property: messuage Without North Bar Sep 1835 p1283 Letter from William Plaxton, Newton to Matthew Empson, Beverley Property: his share of £700 remaining in the hands of John Robinson of Lockington 8 May 1838 p1284 Notice relating to two grass closes to let adjoining New Walk nd Section 'Saturday Market' p1285 Final concord for £120: Francis Shiers, William Cotterill and John Harpham plaintiffs, Richard Waite and wife Ann, Thomas Plaxton and wife Susannah deforceants Property: three messuages and nine acres pasture, pasture for 11 beasts and moiety of a messuage in Gargrave and Beverley 2 Jul 1693 pp1286-1305 Abstracts of title for messuage in Saturday Market (1692-1805) pp1306-1307 Letters from Thomas Gwynne, Stamp Office, London, to Matthew Empson, Beverley relating to will of Richard Empson Endorsement of memorandum of Will of RE (22 Apr 1806) Probate 24 Jun 1813 9, 17 Jan 1823 pp1308-1309 Residuary account of estate of Richard Empson of Beverley glazier 24 Jun 1813 pp1310-1320 Draft of mortgage for £250: Matthew Empson gentleman to John Green- bury hairdresser both of Beverley Property: two messuages in Saturday Market (Ladygate East) 1837 pp1321-1322 Schedules of title deeds relating to messuage in Saturday Market (1692-1805) p1323 Notice to quit 5 Oct 1839 pp1324-1326 Letters from John Greenbury to Matthew Empson (as 1310-1320) requesting payment of interest Mar-Oct 1840 pp1327-1329 Draft of lease for 7 years at £8 rent Parties: 1) Matthew Empson gentleman and Sarah East widow 2) John Greenbury (as 1310-1320) to 3) Richard Empson plumber all of Beverley Property: plumbers shop on East side of Saturday Market, formerly known as Smith Hill and Sow Hill with back chamber adjoining Ladygate Feb 1841 pp1330-1336 Abstracts of title of Martha Thrusk to house on Sowhill (1748-1813) pp1337-1338 Copy agreements for sale for £140 and annuity of £26: Martha Thrusk widow to Richard Empson plumber both of Beverley Property: messuage on East side of Saturday Market formerly called Smith Hill 5 Oct 1824 pp1339-1342 Draft of conveyance for £340 Parties: 1) Martha Thrusk to 2) Richard Empson (both as 1337-1338) and his trustee 3) Benjamin Robinson of Benningholme Grange farmer Property: as 1337-1338 4 Nov 1824 pp1343-1346 Draft of grant: Martha Thrusk and her trustee Richard Empson (both as 1339-1342) to Francis Wardell of Beverley bank clerk For annuity of £26 as 1337-1338 5 Nov 1824 pp1347-1353, 1363, 1373, 1375-1377, 1379-1381, 1382-1390 Vouchers 1824-1836 pp1354; 1364 Letters from Richard Empson, Beverley to his brother Matthew East, 14, Cogan Street, Nile Street, Hull relating to proposed mortgage of property to Mr Hutton 23 Feb 1842 p1355 Sale bill for house on East side of Saturday Market (as 1337-1338) 8 Apr 1843 pp1356-1359 Draft of lease for 10 years at £30 rent: Martha Peacock widow to Thomas Brigham grocer both of Beverley Property: messuage on West side of Saturday Market 12 May 1818 pp1360-1361 Drafts of the will of Richard Carter of Beverley surgeon in HM Navy Bequests to wife Martha; sons Richard Hartley and Joseph Barton Property: messuage on East side of Saturday Market Personalty 13 Sep 1823 p1362 Draft of the will of Thomas Shipstone of Beverley hosier Bequests to sons James, Thomas, Esau; daughters Ann wife of Robert Carter of Walkington farmer, Hannah wife of Thomas Wilson of Beverley woollen draper; Rebecca wife of William Westerby of Beverley tallowchandler and Thomas son of H and TW Property: property at Beverley and elsewhere 31 Jul 1824 pp1365-1368 Instructions for, and draft of, the will of Robert Keningham junior of Beverley innkeeper Bequests to father and mother Robert and Ann K; nephews Robert Heatley, Robert K, Mary Ann Pierson Property: in Beverley, Beverley Park, Molescroft, Drypool 22 Dec 1826 pp1369-1371 Drafts of the will of William Mawman of Beverley tailor Bequests to sons George and John; daughters Mary and Hannah Property: messuages in Saturday Market 1827; 23 Feb 1841 p1372 Lease for 5 years at £18 18s rent: James Dutton yeoman to Matthew Empson attorney at law both of Beverley Property: messuage on South side of Saturday Market 2 Mar 1829 pp1374,1378 Notices of intention to appeal against assessment on houses in Saturday Market 1829 pp1391, 1393 Notices to quit 4 May 1837 p1392 Letter from Anthony Atkinson, Beverley to Matthew Empson requesting payment of money due to devisees of Mr Champing 19 Sep 1840 p1394 Consent of John Berriman relating to goods distrained by James Dutton, his landlord, for non-payment of rent due for the Pack Horse and Star Inn on East side of Saturday Market 3 May 1830 p1395 Draft of tenancy agreement at £60 rent: John Berriman innkeeper to Bainbridge Hood ostler both of Beverley Property: the Pack Horse and Star Inn 12 May 1830 p1396 Account: Bainbridge Hood debtor to Matthew Empson for legal work 1830 pp1397-1398 Proposals for insurance by Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation 1831 pp1399-1403 Lease at £63 rent Parties: 1) George Smith late of Beverley now of Trindon, county Durham linen manufacturer 2) George Walker linen draper and his trustee 3) Richard Walker gentleman both of Beverley Property: messuage and shop on W side of Saturday Market 24 Jan 1833 p1404 Notice to quit 28 Mar 1835 p1405 Sale bill for machinery and tools property of John Dry, machine maker, Market Place 28 Mar 1844 p1406 Letter from Christopher Muschamp to Alderman Williams relating to extent of Saturday Market 25 Dec 1824 Section 'Silvester Lane' p1407 Agreement: Elizabeth Tennyson widow to Matthew Empson gentleman both of Beverley ME to receive rents of two cottages in Silvester Lane 5 Apr 1826 p1408 Memorandum of rents received 5 Apr 1826 p1409 Tenancy agreement at £3 10s rent: Matthew Empson agent for Elizabeth Tennyson (as 1407) to Thomas Dunn of Beverley labourer Property: cottage in Silvester Lane 5 May 1826 pp1410-1413, 1414 Vouchers for builders work 1826-1830 p1414 Account between Elizabeth Tennyson and Matthew Empson Section 'Toll Gavel' p1419 Draft of conveyance for £325 Parties: 1) Beverley Corporation and their attorney 2) John Willis gentleman 3) Thomas Dyson merchant to 4) John Rushworth mason and his trustee 5) John Ellis currier all of Beverley Property: messuage on W side of Toll Gavel 4 Feb 1811 p1415 Notice to quit 9 Feb 1832 pp1416-1417 Draft of bargain and sale for £23: Mary Hall to Mary Walker both of Beverley widows Property: messuage on South side of Silverless Lane 11 Jul 1832 p1418 Draft of the will of Richard Barwick of Beverley blacksmith Bequests to sister Judith Dannatt and nephew Joseph Dannatt Nov 1841 pp1419-1420 Missing pp1421-1424 Drafts of the will of James Caborn of Beverley grocer Bequests to George Jennison gardener and Robert Larcum innkeeper; wife Mary Property: in Butcher Row, Keldgate, Wilbert Lane 9 Dec 1826 pp1422-1423 Draft surrender of mortgage for £200: William Bell weaver to James Caborn grocer both of Beverley Property: messuage on West side of Toll Gavel 26 Dec 1821 pp1425-1426 Draft agreements for sale: William Hall of Bishop Burton yeoman to Thomas and Christopher Duncum of Beverley bricklayers Property: property at East side of Toll Gavel 8 Dec 1819 pp1427,1454, 1460 Notices to quit 20 Mar 1820 pp1428-1432, 1434-1453, 1455-145, 1461-1462, 1487-1493, 1497-1499 Vouchers 1821-1838 p1433 Letter from Richard Empson to his brother Matthew relating to house '(late Ramseys)' in Beverley which he can lease 7 Dec 1822 p1458a Copy of probate copy of the will of Benjamin Lee of Beverley potter Bequests to wife Mary; children Mary, George, Margaret, James, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joseph and William 16 Dec 1824 p1459 Memorandum relating to the marriage at Hull High Church of Thomas Lamb of Bishop Burton coachman to Mary Lee of Beverley spinster (daughter of Benjamin and Mary Lee), nd p1463 Instructions for the will of Mary Lee widow 1837 p1464 Letter from Samuel Foreman, Pull to Matthew Empson relating to debt owing to Mary Lee 1 Feb 1840 p1465 Survey of premises occupied by Mr Cook, shoemaker, Toll Gavel, Beverley pp1466-1486 Draft bargain and sale Parties: 1) James Kenwood of Drypool gentleman to 2) James Coates of Beverley gentleman and others trustees of the Methodist (Chapel) Property: messuage and garden on SE side of Toll Gavels 21 Mar 1826 pp1494-1496 Notices to quit 2 Apr 1832; 9 Jan 1833; 3 May 1838 pp1500-1501 Letters from Edward and Elizabeth Wilson to Matthew Empson relating to establishment of club called the Provident Brotherhood; debts of Sarah Richardson Jun 1829 pp1501-1507a Draft leases for 10 years at £90 rent; and correspondence: Edward Wilson junior innkeeper to Thomas Wilson draper both of Beverley Property: Holderness Hotel formerly called the Blue Boar Inn in Toll Gavel 9 Apr 1830 p1507b Extracts from memorials relating to Holmpton; Blue Boar Inn, Beverley (1830) pp1508-1514, 1516-1518, 1520-1525, 1537-1533, 1537-1533 Correspondence, accounts and vouchers of Elizabeth and Edward Wilson 1820-1831 p1515 Draft of tenancy agreement: Elizabeth Wilson wife of Edward W junior to Edward Wilson senior, miller all of Beverley Property: as 1502-1507 and messuage and close called West Close adjoining Lynegate Lane in Holmpton 18 Apr 1831 pp1519, 1526, 1534 Drafts and Memorial of Will of Elizabeth Wilson as 1515 Bequests to husband Edward Property: as 1515 May 1831 p1590 Sale bill for messuage, butcher's shop and 2 cottages in Toll Gavel 23 Oct 1843 Section 'Vicar Lane' p1591 Testimony of W Richardson relating to rents received from Mr Brigham and Mr Ombler, overseers of Market Weighton, for house in Vicar Lane 7 Apr 1828 p1592 Account: Mrs Brigham debtor to Milley Cliff for rent for house in Vicar Lane 6 Oct 1828 Section 'Walkergate' pp1593-1599 Draft bargain and sale for £10; John Thompson of Albion Street parish Sculcoates gentleman (son and heir of William T of Hull merchant deceased) to Thomas Thompson of Hull banker and others trustees Property: site for Methodist Chapel in Walkergate 14 Sep 1804 pp1600-1613 Draft appointment and conveyance to create new trustees of Methodist Chapel as 1595-1599 23 Aug 1823 pp1614-1615 Letters from Matthew Carr, York to Mr Newlove, solicitor, Beverley relating to the sending papers and referring to Beverley Chapel 7, 19 Jan 1826 p1616 Tenancy agreement at £18 rent: Phoebe Duncum widow to William Newlove gentleman both of Beverley Property: messuage on West side of Walkergate 14 Mar 1818 p1617 Agreement: William Newlove gentleman and Sarah Debraw widow both of Beverley for joint occupation of house in Walkergate 14 Mar 1818 pp1618-1625 Receipts for rent, further to 1617 1818-1822 p1624 Notice from William Newlove to Phoebe Duncum giving his intention to quit house as 1616 18 Sep 1821 pp1627-1633 Papers in case of John Walker, Richard Empson and George Jennison versus George May relating to debt for rent 1826-1827 pp1634-1635 Notices to quit 10 May 1833 pp1636-1643 Draft bargain and sale for £350 Parties: 1) Sarah Knowlton of Darley Hall county Derby spinster to 2) Thomas and Christopher Duncum of Beverley bricklayers 3) Matthew Empson of Beverley gentleman Property: parcels being part of Walkergate Garden Apr 1840 pp1644-1646 Sale bills for houses in Walkergate 1843-1844 Section 'Westwood Lane' pp1647-1648 Sale bills for houses and close in Westwood Lane 1844 Section 'Wood Lane' p1649 Letter from EW Bedell to Matthew Empson relating to the tenancy of house in Beverley 14 Aug 1829 Index to volume
PhysicalDescriptionVery large volume of misc documents bound together. Binding damaged, risk of further damage to documents from handling.
ConservationStatusIn conservation
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