Finding NoDDBV/2/1
Extent1 Item
TitleVerdict of jury impanelled under an act to redress the misemployment of charitable donations relating to property in Allerthorpe
Date11 Oct 1698
DescriptionThat Thomas Myers, Allerthorpe, gentleman, deceased, surrendered to Josias Prickett, Allerthorpe, and William Smith, Allerthorpe, deceased, a messuage, two small closes and North End Close copyhold of the manor of Allerthorpe (10 [?] 1659), to raise yearly 6s 8d for the poor of Pocklington, 5s for the poor of Barmby and residue for the poor of Allerthorpe (total value £4 6s less a free rent of 6s 7d to lord of the manor). That Josias Prickett has misappropiated the proceeds for 30 years and (allowing £19 for assessments and repairs) holds £82 12s 6d due to the poor of Allerthorpe
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