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TitleChampney collection scrapbook of broadsides entitled, 'Mss Old Broadsides. Scrap Book. Beverley'
DescriptionScrapbook ('making use of "Le Sage's Historical, Genealogical, Chronological and Geographical Atlas", 1818), includes minutes of Council meeting at Guildhall: management of Beverley Pastures, 26 Apr 1836 page 1 receipt for ½ guinea paid by John Johnson to Elizabeth Goth for her right in a pew in St Mary's Church, Beverley, 17 Apr 1761; assessment of taxes of Mr Watson, schoolmaster, Toll Gavel Ward, 20 Mar 1819; agreement that the five candidates for Beverley parliamentary election to share cost of polling booth, 17 Jun 1818; account from Tiger Inn, Beverley, 29 Oct 1804; assessment of taxes of Sir William Pennyman, Newbegin Ward, Michaelmas 1824; notice of Annual General Meeting of Proprietors of Permanent Subscription Library, Beverley, 9 Jul 1817; account for nineteen constables attending at the illuminations, c.1815 page 2 notice of approach of Alderman Prinsep, a candidate for election at Beverley, 27 Oct 1806; list of bailiffs for Yorkshire, 1814; sale bills (2) for Beverley; advertisement for Robinson and Stabler, chemists, Beverley ('Genuine Pomade Divine') page 3 accounts for (election?) meals at Blue Posts, Charlotte Street, London, and The Crown, Silver Street, Hull (2), 1790 and 1807 page 4 notice - will of Edmund Banker of Potter Newton Hall is wanted by his descendent page 5 notice concerning 'a most unwarrantable and indecorous Hand Bill' imputing Rev William Hildyard, an assistant curate at Beverley Minster of charging too high surplice fees, 4 Nov 1851 page 6 sale bills (3) for cattle at South Dalton Hall, closes in Woodmansey, and Thearne; farmhouse at Preston, 1807, 1809 and 1825; notice of Francis Iveson to Mayor and Corporation of Beverley demanding as a Burgess, access to Corporation records to ascertain his privileges, 2 Jun 1823 page 7 notice of minutes of a meeting of Lockington, Scorborough, South Dalton, Lund, Holme on the Wolds, Leconfield, Beswick, Etton, Kilnwick, Bracken, Burn Butts, Cawkell, Watton and Cherry Burton Association for Prosecution of Felons, 12 Nov 1802 page 8 notice of Holderness Hunt races, 1836 page 9 notice of resolution of Beverley Corporation to give yearly premium of 5 guineas to person in market offering most fish for sale, 17 Mar 1813; sale bills (3) relating to Thearne and Woodmansey, Wilfholme and furniture, 1807 page 10 sale bills (2) relating to Beverley - debts of Elizabeth Middleton and Thomas Dyson of Beverley, bankrupts, 1820-1830 and advertisement of dancing and fencing tuition at a room in the Beverley Arms by Mr Goodby of Hull, 12 Aug 1820; notice of meeting to consider purchase of premises in Register Square for Public New Room, museum or library rooms, 7 Jul 1832 page 11 sale bill for Tiger Inn; a garden and stables in Beverley page 12 letter from John Lockwood to John Hall, mayor of Beverley - fencing off road to York through Westwood, 2 Dec 1816; notes on building and their occupants in Beverley, 18th century page 13 printed minutes of a meeting of inhabitants of Beverley relating to lighting and watching the town, 25 Nov 1807; sale bill relating to Beverley and Beverley Parks, 14 Nov 1825 page 14 sale bills (3) of Beverley; 2 sloops (The Brother and Henry and Ann) in Beverley Beck, and hay; summons by Robert Norris (steward of the manor of Beverley Chapter) to pay arrears of Fee Farm rents for close called Stanley Hold, 12 Aug 1803 page 15 greeting sent to Prince Albert by inhabitants of Beverley on his marriage to Queen Victoria; receipt of Christopher Coleman from Robert Burton for half a year's rental for 4 fire hearths in his house in Beverley, 31 Jul 1689; 'Mr Burton's Christmas Charity' tickets (2) - Thomas Loft to be supplied with 1 stone flour and Robert Palmer with 3 bags coal, 1830; deputation by Rev Francis Best of Samuel Hall as gamekeeper for manor of Hunsley, 27 Jul 1785 page 16 notice of 'A Manual for ...the Burgesses of Beverley' by Francis Iveson, 1823; sale bill for 2 Distills 'as late used by Richard Stimson, Mint Distiller', 29 Jul 1829 page 17 accounts of Westwood and Hurn; Swinemoor Pasture and Figham Pasture, 1818-1819 page 18 form for assize of bread in Beverley, 1820s; notice to Walter Wride regarding his proportion of expenses of enclosure of Cottingham, 7 Jul 1768; notice inviting estimates for building a stall-house and tenement adjoining in Beverley, 7 Aug 1810; sale bill regarding 4 houses in Wednesday Market, Beverley page 19 sale bills (2) regarding furniture (Beverley Parks and England Springs) 16 Apr 1810; notice regarding election meeting of supporters of Capel Cure, 23 Apr 1831 page 20 list of premiums and sweepstakes awarded by ER (East Riding?) Agricultural Association, 25 Jul 1838; notice regarding William Collinson, farrier is to carry on his business at Willoughby near Hull, 30 Mar 1813; notice supporting character of Mr Hodgson, 30 Dec 1831 page 21 notice regarding reward for discovery of person who has destroyed part of altar screen and stone work in Beverley Minster, 12 Dec 1826 page 22 notice regarding celebrations in Beverley on 'the late Glorious Events tending to Emancipate Europe and to promote a lasting and Honourable Peace', 1813; sale bills (2) regarding Beverley; notice warning against disorderly behaviour at an Illumination, 13 Nov 1820 page 23 sale bills (3) for Beverley, Lime Kilns in Westwood, 2 sloops, hay, coal yard, 1807-1810 page 24 sale bills (2) relating to Beverley, live stock, 1806 and 1829; newspaper cutting 'Odds and Ends of Beverley History XIV' (Foundation of Chantry in St Mary's; visitation instituted by Cromwell and Henry VIII at Reformation; archers from Beverley - Henry VI) page 25 calendar of prisoners in House of Correction, Beverley, 11 Jan 1803 page 26 sale bills (2), Beverley, 1797 and 1805; election poem 'The Glorious Days of old'; notice for the relief of poor in Beverley, 1 Jan 1821 page 27 sale bill for Beverley; account of 'Money expended at different (Public) Houses on account of Mayor choosing'; marriage certificate for John Booth and Sarah Whitlam at parish of St John and St Martin, Beverley, Oct 1876 page 28 certificate of burial of John House, coachman in France, 3 Apr 1822; letter of mayor of Beverley to WS Hind regarding trial of election petition, 5 Mar 1869 page 29 petition for a meeting to discuss establishment of a nightly watch in Beverley in the winter, 9 Dec 1820; sale bill regarding Beverley; printed copy of letter from Marmaduke Constable of Wassand to Mr Creyke or Chairman at Midsummer Sessions regarding reconveyance of the Old Wall and other premises to the town of Beverley, 1810 page 30 sale bill for wines, stock, furniture at Skelton Castle, Guisborough; £20 share in Manchester and Leeds Railway, 31 Dec 1846; receipt of John Malcom from Francis Iveson for £150 part of purchase money of Beverley Gas Works, 28 Aug 1828; share certificate for Manchester and Leeds Railway, 31 Dec 1846 page 31 printed report of the Committee made at the 2nd General Meeting of the Beverley Dispensary for the sick poor. with list of subscribers, 1 Nov 1824; notice of Annual Public Examination of boys educated in National School, Beverley, 23 Jul 1832 page 32 list of boys put out as apprentices in Beverley, 7 May 1828; notice of 7 guineas reward by Lockington et cetera Association for the Prosecution of Felons for discovery of thief of a lamb from Lund Wold, 13 Jul 1816 page 33 printed copies of letters (5) between Gillyatt Sumner and Charles Brereton, surgeon of Beverley regarding burglary at house at Gillyatt Sumner, 28 Feb-23 Mar 1850; plan of land adjoining North Bar Without, Beverley, nd; account of meals at Tiger Inn, Beverley, 10 Jul no year page 34 sale bill regarding furniture at Hotham, 22 Jan 1813; notice calling meeting of townspeople to consider petitioning against clauses in New Hull Dock Bill, 19 Apr 1825; notice of meeting to consider forming new committee of Proprietors of Beverley Race Stand Tickets, 14 Jul 1821 page 35 letter from John Wharton to freemen of Beverley that he has no connection with the other candidates for the election, 18 Jun 1790; letter from Thomas Moorhouse, East Yorkshire Militia, Sunderland Barracks, to his father, asking for money, nd; handbill 'Church Methodist Chapel' - statement of principles of the Society by committee appointed to superintend building of chapel in Beverley; pamphlet 'Outline of Six Lectures on Astronomy' held in the theatre, Beverley by Mr Goodacre, 1833 page 36 Circular letter regarding notice of meeting to consider establishment of a subscription news room in Beverley, 1816; invitation from Mayor to councillor Phillips to dinner at the Tiger Inn, 24 Nov 1836; sale bill regarding Woodmansey and Thearne, 17 Jun 1809; circular letter from W R Gilby, chairman of the central committee of East Riding Conservative Society regarding a public dinner, 10 Aug 1836 page 37 letter regarding the resignation of William Garner as Constable of Ward of North Bar Street Without and nominating William Bugg or William Dove as his successor, 6 Oct 1820; licence of Archbishop of York to Rev Richard Gee, vicar of North Cave regarding being absent from his benefice for 2 years having a house less than three quarters of a mile away from the parish church, 10 Dec 1803; newspaper clipping 'How Mr Walters won his election' , nd; printed notice of resolutions passed at a meeting of Committe of St Mary's Church Restoration, 22 Feb 1864; 'Names of Persons taken at the different lodging houses on Wednesday Nov 1 182-' page 38 advertisement of Paul Walker 'Daily Messenger and Bill Sticker etc', 29 Jan 1830; sale bill for Beverley, 24 Sep 1807; notice regarding measures in Beverley Market, 26 Jul 1819; notice that holders of 'Silver Tickets' produce their tickets in the Long Room at the Stand each Beverley Race Day, 3 May 1828 page 39 newspaper cutting 'Michael Warton of Beverley Parks'; newspaper cutting regarding notice of leasing 'Beverley Corporation etc estates to be let by Ticket' relating to Beverley, Pocklington, Barnby, Bielby, Allerthorpe, Baswick near Leven, 7 Dec 1807; sale bill for Etton, 11 Jan 1817 page 40 sale bills (3) for Beverley, Weel, Bentley, Little Weeton 1806-1807; notice of rules and regulations for management of Wilson's Dispensary in Beverley, 1 Sep 1817 page 41 letter from William Mills concerning Beverley Corporation Pew, 2 Nov 1815 page 42 notice of £20 reward by Thomas Lister for discovery of originator of false and defamatory reports against Reverend Abel John Rain, incumbent of Beverley Minster, which he (TL) has been charged with circulating, 7 Dec 1843 page 43 copy letter from James Pennyman asking for his vote 'after Mr Wharton is secure', 16 Jun 1790; notice of fine of 40 shillings for bad behaviour at the General Illumination in Beverley, 23 Jun 1814 page 44 notice of meeting to consider establishment of a watch in Beverley during the winter minths, 9 Dec 1820; oath certificate of Anthony Smelt, from Beverley Quarter Sessions, 13 Jan 1817; sale bill for Thearne and Woodmansey, Mar 1811 page 45 notice of public meeting held for petitioning Parliament for regulation and protection of Beverley Pastures, 29 Feb 1836 page 46 deputation by Slingsby Bethell of Henry Clarkson as gamekeeper in manor of Ellerton, 5 Jan 1750; notice of 'Anniversary Sermon' at St Mary's Church, by Reverend Trueman, with list of hymns to be sung by Charity School Boys, 29 May 1831 page 47 letter from Frost and Moss, Hull, to H W Maister, Beverley, relating to Garton tithes, 1 Feb 1841; printed notice of agreement of inhabitants of Newbegin and Saturday Market Wards that nightly watch be kept, with list of inhabitants and subscriptions, c.1820 page 48 'Schedule of the Exhibitions in the Gift of the Corporation of Beverley; with extracts from the Wills of Donors' printed, 1652-1778 page 49 notice of fine of £5 for selling or letting off fireworks in the streets of Beverley, 31 Oct 1831 page 50 letter from John Malam, Knaresborough to Francis Iveson, Beverley, asking him to pay the £500, ordered by the Commissioners, into the name of messrs Machel and Company, bankers, 4 Aug 1828; schedule of property belonging to Beverley Corporation, c.1855 page 51 printed Report of the Committee at 3rd General Meeting of the Beverley Dispensary for the sick poor, 7 Nov 1825; petition (14 signatures) to Mayor of Beverley to call a meeting for petitioning parliament for permission to present a bill concerning licensing sale of beer, nd; 2 pencil sketches - Hall, seat of J Yorke, esquire Beverley and Craike Castle, 19th century page 52 sale bills (3) for Beverley, 1799, 1802, 1803 page 53 election of John Johnson and Robert Appleton as new trustees of charitable bequests of will of Thomas Ellinor junior of Beverley (12 Oct 1726), 17 Mar 1761 page 54 'Catalogue of all the Neat Household Furniture and Farming Stock to be sold by Auction' at Tickton Bridge, 26 Feb 1812 page 55 notice of house and shop in Saturday Market to be let or sold, 24 Mar 1827; letter from Anderson Cliff and Stonebridges, Lincoln's Inn to W C Turnbull esquire, Hull concerning the trust fund of late Mrs Catherine Hentig, 28 Jul 1864 page 56 sale bills (2) for Beverley, 1799, 1806; account of 13 1/2 years fee farm rent of tenements in manor of Beverley Chapter occupied by Samuel Hall, 10 Feb 1814 page 57 notice of meeting in Beverley presenting a petiion to Parliament against continuance of Property Tax, 13 Jan 1815; theatre bill - theatre Doncaster Mr Horn and Mr J Russel with a selection of new songs and recitations called the 'Rival Candidates', 14 Jun 1820 page 58 petition to Mayor of Beverley for meeting to consider petitioning Parliament for repeal of Assessed Taxes, 30 Oct 1830; notice from Clerk to Commissioners to Tax Collectors to distrain for any non-payment, 27 Jun 1810; lottery notice 'All the six prizes of £20,000 still in the Wheel'; sale bill for a house in Wednesday Market, Beverley, 1 Apr 1807 page 59 sale bill for Beverley, 1 Oct 1806; notice of complaints against new bill for regulating Beverley Pastures, 17 May 1836 page 60 notice of law relating to hawkers' licences page 61 notice of cattle fair to be held on East instead of West side of the stone pillars in Norwood, Beverley, 5 Sep 1825 page 62 notice of proclamation of peace with France and of dinner at the Tiger Inn, general illuminations an a ball, 23 Jun 1814; sale bill for White Swann and houses in Saturday Market, Beverley, 20 Feb 1809 page 63 assignment by Archbishop of York of pew in St Mary's church, Beverley to William Middleton, 7 Feb 1779 page 64 notice of Coronation celebrations at Beverley, 19 Jul 1821 page 65 form of proclamation to disperse (under Riot Act?), nd; 'The John Cleaver Memorial Window, inserted 3 Dec 1870' in Beverley Minster page 66 sale bills (2) for Beverley and Huggate, 1809-1816 page 67 anti-Roman Catholic handbill by Jos. Coltman, 3 Mar 1829 page 68 circular letter from John Lockwood to the inhabitants of parishes of St Mary and St Nicholas relating to the maintenance of fabric of St Mary's, 11 Dec 1819; letter from Robert Meek, carpenter, Webber Street, Blackfriars Road, Surrey to Mr Tury, attorney, Beverley that he has not been paid expenses for his journey to Beverley to vote for Mr Warton, 24 Oct 1791 page 69 Beverley election posters 1824, 1852 page 70 'Regulations as to Freedoms' of Beverley, 2 Aug 1813 page 71 picture 'My Mistress wants her Chair' (Sedan chair), 1887 page 72 orders concerning fares of chairmen and distances between places in Beverley, 20 Dec 1808; newspaper cutting concerning sedan chair; notice of meeting for granting sedan chair licences, 7 Jul 1808 page 73 notice of fine up to 40 shillings for hiring out unlicenced sedan chairs, 1824; notice of meeting for licensing sedan chairs, 10 May 1824 page 74 rules of Lancastrian School at Beverley, nd, blank cheque (Messrs. Machell, Pease, Knowsley and Wray, bankers, Beverley), nd; 'Verses written by a boy of Beverley School upon raising of the seige of Meiss and retreat of the Austrians', nd; account of property tax from Messrs. Coxworth and Cammoran, 6 Apr 1814; advertisement Thacker and Stephenson, dyers and cleaners of Market Weighton and York, will attend at Beverley, nd page 75 bill relating to extra expenses claimed by constabulary on special duty in Beverely (to control a riot?) and expenses of corporation, 16 Oct 1861 page 76 sale bills (3) for Beverley, Beeford and [..], 1809, 1810, 1815; blank form of receipt of Beverley Corporation rents; blank form of precept to appear at manor court of Beverley Water Towns, 182- page 77 election poster, 29 Oct 1857; account of taxes from Miss Cammoran and Co's, Toll Gavel Ward, 1815 page 78 off print of article from Beverley Recorder 'Fire on Westwood', 7 Sep no year; ecclesiastical seals (4) Lancelot, Archbishop of York; Perogative Court of Archbishop of Canterbury; Commissary of the Exofficio Perogative Court of York; and Commissary of Dean and Chapter of York page 79 reward notice for Leconfield et cetera. Association for Prosecution of Felons, 14 Jan 1805; newspaper cuttings concerning Frederick Ross F.R.H.S. and George Poulson and their publications, c.1890; 'An Address to inhabitants of Beverley and the East Riding' by George Scaum relating to writing of history of Beverley, 28 Oct 1826 page 80 circular letter from Anthony Atkinson, deputy registrar for the East Riding concerning Methodist Church in Beverley and disputes between George Montgomery West, G W Marriott and Mark Robinson, 22 Sep 1829; notice of meeting of Nelthorpe's Charity, Beverely, 30 Oct 1826; ecclesiastical seals (5) of Edward Venables Vernon, Archbishop of York, 1808; archiepiscopal seal of consistory of York; prerogative court of Archbishop of Canterbury page 81 newspaper cutting 'An Historic Document from Cottingham'; notice of unsettled debts with William Beverley in respect of the late election should be discharged at the Beverley Arms, 29 Apr 1818 page 82 receipt of Beverley Corporation for a legacy from William Wilson to be used to benefit the Boys' Charity School, 6 Jan 1817; sale bill for Beverley, 21 Aug 1815; copy orders concerning corporation pews in Beverley Minster, 12 Nov 1660 page 83 print showing an old oak table 'at the Hall Garth Inn, Beverley' with description of the table and inn, 1896 page 84 report of Judge's address at Yorkshire Summer Assizes, 1 Aug 1811; receipts of William Kay for 2 sums for voting for Sir James Pennyman and John Wharton at the last election, 25 Nov 1790; newspaper notice of sale for manor of Beverley Water Towns, Hall Garth and the Fryers, 19 Oct 1826; newspaper cutting 'The Rudston Monolith', nd; receipt of rents of Elizabeth Watson in manor and chapter of Beverley, 1824 page 85 notice of earlier closing of Beverley corn market, 14 Nov 1818; Mr Fox's speech to the electors of Beverley, 26 Feb 1820 page 86 'A Schedule of the Exhibitions in the Gift of the Corporation of Beverley' 1652-1778; newspaper cutting 'Sir Tatton Sykes and his stud', c.1860 page 87 questions and answers concerning Beverley Corporation and their pews (in the Minster?); 'Copy of Mr Marryst's opinion on the Charter of the Borough of Beverley', 21 Oct 1820; account 'Mr Camble to William Glew to Mayor Choosing' 1816; notice of proprietors of Tiger Inn Coach Office, Beverley will not be held responsible for any loss or damages, nd page 88 'Extract from the Corporation Books respecting the Master of the Grammar School, 1601-1735 page 89 sale bill for Beverley Estates and wine; memorandum that Edward Thwait Cooper, Hull promised Mr Wharton at Mrs Johnson's Cross Keys 'but was obliged to go to Greenland' page 90 copies of letters from Earl of Moira, Lord Amherst, E Brownrigg and John Ramsay concerning military service of Charles James. 'Read in the Cause James versus George Francis Stuart alias Count Stewartson', 1792-1808
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