Finding NoQ
DescriptionIncludes the following: bridges (QAB); diseases of animals (QAD); East Riding House of Correction (QAG); highways including highway districts and returns for cost of maintenance of highways (QAH); lunacy including pauper lunatics, private asylums, North and East Riding Asylum at Clifton, York, East Riding Asylum and finance (QAL); minor functions (QAM); police including minutes, chief constables' reports, distribution returns, finance, lock-up houses, divisions, staff, orders and Beverley Borough Police Force (QAP); alterations to parish and township boundaries (QAT); York Castle (QAY); records of the Clerks of the Peace (QCP); enrolment books (QDB); charities, friendly societies and banks (QDC); elections including land tax returns, poll books, enrolment of annuities and papers relating to returning officers (QDE); juries (QDJ); printing presses (QDL); religion including oath rolls, papists' estates and dissenting houses (QDR); tradesmen including registers, alehouse recognizance, court minutes (QDT); undertakings including drainage, navigation, railways, turnpikes, harbours and lighthouses (QDU); various (QDV); Commissions of the Peace for East Riding and Beverley (QJC); lists of justices (QJL); qualifications and oaths (QJQ); calendars of prisoners (QSA); corn rents (QSC); insolvent debtors (QSD); Quarter Sessions files (QSF); jury lists (QSJ); modern Quarter Sessions files and records (QSM); petitions (QSP); recognizances (QSR); accounts and vouchers (QST); bastardy including recognizances and orders, volumes and returns (QSU); volumes including order books, recognizances and appeal books, cases before Quarter Sessions (QSV)
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