Finding NoQDT/2/15/32
Extent1 item
TitleAlehouse recognizances for Ouse and Derwent and Wilton Divisions
DescriptionOuse and Derwent Barlby: Rachael Tate, sureties Henry Healy of Riccall, William Russel of Skipwith Jonathan Taylor, sureties Jonathan Taylor, Joseph Lindley of Naburn Long Cliffe: John Cressey, sureties George Hawksworth, Thomas Kirlew of South Duffield Thomas Brown, sureties Thomas Brown, William Kirlew of Hemingbrough Cottingwith West: Christopher Smith, sureties William Russel of Skipwith, Samuel Volans , constable Sarah North, sureties George North of West Cottingwith, farmer, Thomas Whitaker of Elvington Deighton: James Bramley, sureties James Bramle, Richard Nicholson of Escrick North Duffield: John Cambidge, sureties John Cambidge, Robert Cook of North Duffield, farmer South Duffield: Thomas Kirlew, sureties Thomas Kirlew, George Hawksworth of Hemingbrough Elvington: Thomas Whitaker, sureties Thomas Whitaker, George North of West Cottingwith, farmer Escrick: Richard Nicholson, sureties Richard Nicholson, James Bramley of Deighton Thomas Hopkinson, sureties James Bramley, Mathew Pottage of Wheldrake Fulford: Martha Denton, Robert Poppleton, Elizabeth Lister, sureties George Wilkinson, Thomas Lambert, constable George Wilkinson, sureties George Wilkinson, John Clark of Heslington Grimston: Robert Madder, sureties Robert Madder, Robert Horsley of Low Catton Hemingbrough: George Hawksworth, sureties George Hawksworth, Thomas Kirlew of Duffield William Kirlew, sureties William Kirlew, Thomas Brown of Long Cliffe Mary Volans, sureties Mary Volans, George Hawksworth Heslington: John Clarke, sureties John Clarke, George Wilkinson of Fulford Jonathan Cundel, sureties George Wilkinson, John Hare of Heslington, constable Kelfield: William Copley, sureties William Copley, George Masterman of Stillingfleet Kexby: William Sherwood, sureties William Sherwood, Thomas Bagley of Pocklington, gentleman Naburn: Joseph Lindley, sureties Joseph Lindley, Jonathan Taylor of Barlby Riccall: Henry Healy, sureties Henry Healy, William Russel of Skipwith Skipwith: Thomas Slipper, William Russel, sureties Thomas Slipper, William Russel Stillingfleet: George Masterman, sureties George Masterman, William Copley of Kelfield Wheldrake: Thomas Rhames, sureties Thomas Bagley, chief constable, William Johnson, chief constable John Meyers, sureties Benjamin Lacy of Wheldrake, farmer, Thomas Coats of Elvington, farmer Mathew Pottage, sureties Mathew Pottage, Thomas Brown of Long Cliffe Wilton Beacon Allerthorpe: Robert Cobb, sureties Robert Cobb, William Pindar of Pocklington Bishop Wilton: Joseph Wilkinson, sureties Joseph Wilkinson, William Meyers William Tennison, sureties William Tennison, Thomas Bagley of Pocklington William Meyers, Robert Hall, sureties William Meyers, Robert Hall Burnby: Henry Wilson, sureties Henry Wilson, Cook Taylor of Pocklington Catton High: Ann Gawthorp, sureties Ann Gawthorp, William Mathew of Wilberfoss Catton Low: Robert Horsley, sureties Robert Horsley, Edward Madder of Grimston Fangfoss: William Tanfield, sureties William Tanfield, Joseph Wilkinson of Garrowby Huggate: Thomas Ireland, sureties Thomas Ireland, William Mathew of Wilberfoss Newton: John Penrose, sureties John Penrose, James Coats of Newton upon Derwent Pocklington: John Hewitt, sureties John Hewitt, Mathew Wilkinson of Great Givendale, farmer John Shaw, Pemberton Scaife, sureties John Shaw, Pemberton Scaife Richard Hall, John Harte, sureties Richard Hall, John Harte Dorothy Ibbotson, John Ward, sureties Dorothy Ibbotson, John Ward Mary Easton, sureties William Wilkinson of Millington, Mathew Wilkinson of Great Givendale, farmer William Pindar, sureties William Pindar, William Cobb of Allerthorpe William Bagley, sureties William Bagley, Philip Dewker of York, gentleman Cook Taylor, sureties Cook Taylor, William Pindar John Oliver, sureties Pemberton Scaife, William Bagley Stamford Bridge: Bannister Hodgson, William Duce, sureties Bannister Hodgson, William Duce William Moor, sureties William Moor, Bannister Hodgson Sutton Upon Derwent: Joseph Gill, sureties Joseph Gill, John Foster of Sutton, constable Everilda Waslin, sureties Thomas Whitaker of Elvington, George North of West Cottingwith Thornton: Edward Cook, sureties Edward Cook, Richard Hall of Pocklington Wilberfoss: John Wood, sureties John Wood, Edward Madder of Grimston William Mathew, sureties William Mathew, Thomas Ireland of Huggate Yapham: Thomas Harrison, sureties Thomas Harison, John Abel of Yapham, farmer
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