Workplace complaints - health and safety

Who enforces the health and safety legislation in your workplace and how to report a health and safety concern.

Who enforces health and safety legislation at my workplace?

Health and safety legislation is enforced by inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive or in your local council. As enforcing authorities each deal with different sectors:

Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advise and enforce on:

  • general agricultural
  • construction
  • manufacturing issues
  • council premises.

The council

The council give advice and enforce regulations in:

  • offices
  • hospitality trade
  • retail and wholesale
  • residential care
  • consumer services including leisure businesses.

Who enforces where I work?

The Health and Safety Executive website can clarify which is the appropriate enforcing authority for your business.

When should I report a health and safety issue in my workplace?

If you think your work environment is damaging your health or putting your safety, or the safety of the public or colleagues at risk you should raise your concerns with your employer or the person in charge.

If no improvement is made, then you can report your concern to the council to investigate.

Please note: you can only report workplace premises in the East Riding.

Can I report a concern about health and safety in a workplace?

Please note: we can only investigate issues of serious concern.

If you wish to remain anonymous, make sure you are not logged into your account.

Report a health and safety concern

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