Applying for a vacancy with the council

Advice and information about attending an interview for a position with the council.

Do I have to apply online?

No, completing an online application ensures immediate and safe delivery of your application, but you can also request an electronic copy in PDF format or a hard copy. You do, however, have to complete an application form as the council does not accept CVs. 

If you have any special requirements, please contact us for help. 

Email: recruitment.services@eastriding.gov.uk

Please note: our preferred method of receiving applications is via our council jobs website:

Important notice: you cannot use the My Account link at the top of this page to log into the jobs website. When you apply for a job on the website below, you will be prompted to enter your 'jobs' username and password, or to create one.

Jobs at the council

Can I apply online for a job on the closing date?

Yes, you can apply online until midnight on the closing date.

Do closing dates on vacancy adverts ever change? 

This is rare but may happen if the circumstances of the vacancy change, for example if the number of applicants greatly exceeds the time available for shortlisting or interviews.

Who can apply for 'internal only' vacancies?

'Internal only' vacancies are only open to internal applicants who:

  • have a permanent or temporary council contract
  • work for the council via a recruitment agency
  • are apprentices employed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council or learners registered on a pre-apprenticeship programme with East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • are registered on the council's WorkLink or Work Choice schemes
  • are staff in joint arrangement posts who have a contract issued by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

What information is available about each vacancy to help me decide if I should apply?

Each vacancy has a job outline and employee specification attached to provide information on the post. The employee specification sets out the essential and desirable requirements for the post. 

You should ensure that you meet all the essential criteria before applying. You will need to demonstrate clearly in your application form how you meet each criteria on the employee specification as the selection panel will only consider the information in your application form and assess this against the employee specification to produce an interview shortlist. 

It is a good idea to print or save a copy of the job outline and employee specification in case you wish to refer to it again if invited to interview. 

Please note: This information will no longer be available on the website once the vacancy has reached its closing date.

I want to apply online. Can I save this form and return to it at a later date?

Yes, please follow on screen instructions when filling out your online application.

How will I know if you have received my application?

Once you register on the East Riding jobs website you will have your own home page from which you can see the current status of all applications you make.

Can you provide information about criminal records checks in relation to job applications?

Yes, please  visit the criminal records checks page for advice about this requirement in relation to job applications. 

Please note that the Criminal Records Bureau changed its name to the Disclosure & Barring Service from 1 December 2012.

How do I go about requesting feedback if I am unsuccessful?

You should contact the recruitment team or the vacancy manager. There may be contact details available from the online job listing, or you can contact the council's recruitment team by emailing recruitment.services@eastriding.gov.uk.

When will I hear if I have been offered an interview?

Wherever possible, interview dates are given in the advert text and you should hear by email or letter if you have been invited to interview around 1-2 weeks prior to the interview date. If you have not been shortlisted for interview you will be informed of this as well.

Where can I find information about job vacancies in Ofsted-registered childcare settings?

Job vacancies in Ofsted-registered childcare settings can be found at or in:

  • your local job centre
  • local newspapers
  • job recruitment sites
  • recruitment agencies.

You can also find out about vacancies by contacting childcare settings directly or by searching for 'childcare' in the keywords box via East Riding of Yorkshire Council's jobs at the council site:

Important notice: you cannot use the My Account link at the top of this page to log into the jobs website. When you apply for a job on the website below, you will be prompted to enter your 'jobs' username and password, or to create one.

Jobs at the council

Please note: it is up to individual childcare settings where they decide to advertise their vacancies, so not all vacancies in the East Riding can be found on the East Riding jobs website.

Can my Ofsted childcare setting advertise vacancies with the council?

If you wish to advertise a vacancy on the East Riding Recruitment website, you can do so by emailing details of the vacancy (including salary, hours and anything else you'd like to include) to recruitment services:


When writing your advert please include all of the relevant 'keywords' that you think potential applicants will search for such as 'childcare', 'nursery assistant' and  'room leader'. This will help your advert to show up in search results.

Applicants for vacancies outside of the council can't complete an online application via the jobs website so you would also need to include guidance on how to apply and who to contact for more information in your advert. You can include attachments such as pdfs and word documents in your advert. Please include a closing date for all applications as this will be the date that the advert will be removed from the website.

There is a fee of £50 plus VAT for placing an advert on the East Riding website for which you will receive an invoice. Please include the name of your company, the full address for the invoice to be sent to and a contact name and number in the email.   

If you require an order number on your invoice please state this in your email as this will not automatically be provided.

Your advert will appear within 48 hours of you emailing it to recruitment services and the invoice will follow.

The job advert will also appear on the Indeed Recruitment website:

Indeed Recruitment (external website)

To speak to someone about advertising you can contact recruitment services:

Telephone: (01482) 391238

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