Council pension scheme

Join the Local Government Pension Scheme, member benefits, accessing newsletters and publications and find more employer information. 

How can I join the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)?

You can find more information about joining the LGPS by visiting the East Riding Pension Fund website where you can also download a Simple Scheme guide and a joining form.

Join the East Riding Pension Fund (external East Riding website)

How can I find out more about the member benefits of the Local Government Pension Scheme?

If you are an Active, Deferred or Pensioner member or would just like more information before joining then please visit the members page of the East Riding Pension Fund website.

Members of the East Riding Pension Fund (external East Riding website)

How can I access newsletters and publications produced by the East Riding Pension Fund?

East Riding Pension fund have published a number of guides, newsletters and documents which can be accessed in the on line library.

East Riding Pension Fund Library (external East Riding website)

Where can I find more employer information on the LGPS?

East Riding Pension Fund provides a range of useful information for employers on the employers section of the website.

East Riding Pension Fund Employer information (external East Riding website)