Council structure

Information about the council's committee and corporate structure.

How is East Riding of Yorkshire Council structured?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is structured under two headings; councillors and officers.

The full council (a meeting of all councillors) is the strategic body, responsible for all decisions and oversees the work of the council. The day to day decision making is undertaken by the Cabinet and other committees under the council committee structure.

The operational side of the council (ie day to day functions) is carried out by council officers (paid staff) under the corporate council structure.

What is the council committee structure?

This is the structure under which councillors work and is divided into a number of committees.

View the councillor committee structure below:

Council committee structure (pdf 55kb opens in new window)

Who are the committee chairmen?

The document below shows members of the cabinet and councillors who are chairmen of the various council committees:

Cabinet and committee chairmen (pdf 228kb opens in new window)

Where can I find details of the council's corporate structure?

The council's corporate structure is divided into five directorates. Below are the details of the council's corporate management structure:

Council corporate structure (pdf 250kb opens in new window)

Chief Executive

Caroline Lacey

Director of Corporate Resources

Darren Stevens

Heads of Service 

Head of Human Resources and Support Services 
David Smith 

Head of Legal and Democratic Services 
Mathew Buckley 

Head of Finance
Julian Neilson

Head of Technology and Transformation
Brigette Giles

Director of Adults, Health and Customer Services

John Skidmore (Designated Director of Adult Social Services

Heads of Service

Head of Business Management and Commissioning 

Yvonne Rhodes

Head of Culture and Customer Services 
Ian Rayner

Head of Adult Services  
Lee Thompson 

Director of Public Health

Dr. Tim Allison 

Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services

Paul Bellotti

Head of Streetscene Services 
Paul Tripp

Head of Housing, Transportation and Public Protection 
Paul Abbott

Interim Head of Revenues and Benefits
Gillian Barley

Head of Infrastructure and Facilities 
Dave Waudby

Director of Planning and Economic Regeneration

Alan Menzies 

Heads of Service

Head of Planning and Development Management
Stephen Hunt

Head of Economic Development 
Paul Bell 

Head of Asset Strategy 
Ian Burnett 

Director of Children, Families and Schools

Kevin Hall

Heads of Service

Head of Children and Young People, Education and Schools 
Deborah Myers

Head of Children and Young People Support and Safeguarding Services  
Eoin Rush 

Head of Children and Young People Specialist Services 
Jackie Lown

To contact a member of the council's corporate or senior management team please call:

Tel: (01482) 393939