Allowances for ward councillors

Explains what allowances ward councillors can claim, details of how much council members receive, who decides how much each member receives, were any members' allowances increased or reduced as a result of the last annual review and what is the members' register of interests and can the public view it?

What allowances are ward councillors able to claim?

Council members are able to claim back money for expenses related to their work as a councillor under a scheme called the Members’ Allowances Scheme. The kinds of costs incurred through work that the allowance can be used to pay for range from travel expenses to IT costs. 

Further information about what expenses are covered by the Members' Allowances Scheme can be found on the Expenses and allowances page.

The scheme of allowances approved by the council consists of two main types of remuneration for members: Basic Allowance and the Special Responsibility Allowance.

The Basic Allowance is payable to each member of the council whereas the Special Responsibility Allowances are payable to those members who hold positions which require them to spend more time and effort on the council's affairs than would be expected of other members.

Both allowances are paid on a monthly basis without the need of a claim form. All other allowances require the completion of a claim form with supporting receipts if applicable.

A member may opt to forgo their allowance.

How much allowance do members receive?

Full details of how much allowance council members receive can be read on the Expenses and allowances page along with details about what expenses are covered by the Members' Allowances Scheme.

Who decides how much allowance each member receives?

The council decides on Members' allowances, based on recommendations from an independent panel of individuals from East Riding called the Members' Allowances Panel.

Who sits on the Members’ Allowances Panel?

The Members' Allowances Panel was established in 2001 by the council to review and make recommendations to the council on allowances paid to its members. The panel consists of five East Riding residents who collectively have a wide range of experience encompassing business, local government, trade unions, academic institutions and the voluntary sector. 

They are paid an allowance for attending meetings together with reimbursement of any travel expenses incurred. The members of the panel were appointed following public advertisements and are as follows:

  • Mrs Beverley Porritt
  • Mr Peter Robinson
  • Mrs Hazel Smith
  • Mr David Waxman.

Whendoes the Members' Allowances Panel meet?

Meetings of the panel are held when there are fundamental changes to the council (for example if there is a major change in membership to the council following a major election) or when it requires them to consider those allowances paid under the members' allowances scheme.

The scheme does have provision to increase some allowances in line with inflation but sometimes the Panel asks for a comparison exercise to be carried out to compare the allowances paid to its members against those allowances paid to other council members.

The panel usually meets no more than twice a year. 

Where can I view the Members' Allowances Panel Report?

The council is set to consider the recommendations of its Independent Remuneration Panel in respect of the Members' Allowance Scheme at its annual meeting of 16 May 2019 (a summary of which was published in the edition of Hull and East Riding Mail on 1 May 2019).

Notice of Members' Allowances Scheme Reviewed (pdf 76kb)

Members' Allowances Panel Report 2019 (pdf 1mb)