Ward councillors

Ward councillors can help you resolve local issues and can represent your views on the council. Read more about their roles, how to contact or find out who your ward councillor is and how to contact a party group office. Also you can find out about the register of interests of ward councillors.

What is the role of a ward councillor?

Ward councillors represent the electors (voting residents) of a ward and sit on East Riding of Yorkshire Council. They can help you resolve local issues and can represent your views on the council. Ward councillors are also required to sign up to the Local Code of Conduct and, in doing so, pledge to observe the requirements contained within it.

What is a ward?

A ward is part of the overall area governed by a local authority (e.g. a council). Wards are usually named after neighbourhoods, parishes, landmarks, geographical features, and in some cases historical figures connected to an area.

How can I contact or find out who my ward councillor is?

View the councillor chart below to see which councillors represent which wards:

Wards and ward councillors (pdf 972kb opens in new window)

You can also use our councillor finder to search by councillor name, postcode, or parish/ward to find out which councillors represent your area and see their contact details.

Find my local ward councillor

How many wards are there within the East Riding of Yorkshire?

The council area is divided into 26 wards, each of which is represented by one or more councillors (also known as members ie members of the council) elected for a term of four years. Unlike some other areas, in the East Riding we elect all 67 of our councillors at the same time. 

View a map of the East Riding showing the ward and parish boundaries:

Wards and parish boundaries (pdf 589kb opens in new window)

Which ward councillors sit on the cabinet or are committee chairmen?

Information on which ward councillors sit on the cabinet or are committee chairmen can be viewed on the committee structure page.

The role of the cabinet and committees

The cabinet and committees make day to day decisions on a strategic level and oversee the work of the council.

Where can I view a councillor's register of interests?

You can view a councillor's register of interests by searching for them on the ward registers of interest directory

How can I contact the political group offices?

Below are the contact details for the different political groups at East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Email and telephone

Conservative group office

Email:  conservative.group@eastriding.gov.uk

Tel. (01482) 393223/89

Independent, Labour, Liberal Democrat and UKIP group offices

Email:  independent.group@eastriding.gov.uk 

Email:  labour.group@eastriding.gov.uk  

Email: liberal.democrat.group@eastriding.gov.uk 

Email:  UKIP.group@eastriding.gov.uk 

Tel. (01482) 393230/32 

Other members not in a political group

Contact member support:

Tel. (01482) 393230/32

In writing to:

Political group name/councillor name

East Riding of Yorkshire Council 

County Hall 

Cross Street 


HU17 9BA

How do I make a complaint about a councillor?

You can make a complaint about a councillor online using an online form or in writing. Details of how you can do both can be viewed on the standards committee page.