Stamford Bridge Community Governance Review

A petition has been received from Stamford Bridge Parish Council, requesting that a community governance review be undertaken to review the boundaries of the parish and to increase the number of seats on the parish council.

The petition relates to a change to the parish boundaries in order to reflect and take account of new property development in the neighbouring parish of Skirpenbeck on the northern boundary of the Stamford Bridge parish. There is also a proposal for a change to the southern boundary neighbouring Catton Parish Council. The proposal also requests that should the proposal be approved, that the size of Stamford Bridge Parish Council be increased from nine members to ten.

Terms of Reference and Timetable for the Review

The terms of reference for the review will see the review consider the proposal put forward by Stamford Bridge relating to:

  • The alteration of boundaries of existing parishes.
  • Changes to the electoral arrangements of a parish council.

The revised timetable for the review is: 

Review Stage 


Communications and Consultation 

Commencement of Review - Publication of Terms of Reference 




7 July 2020, subject to approval by The Cabinet on 7 July 2020 

Published on the website and in the local newspaper and sent directly to parish councils. Also published online via the Council’s Business Intelligence Team. 


Stage One – Public Consultation and Initial Submissions invited  

1 August 2020 to 30 September 2020 


Public online Zoom meetings in September. Online survey and as written responses invited. 

Stage Two – Consideration of submissions received and draft recommendations prepared 

1 October 2020 to 18 January 2021 

Cabinet 2 February 2021 


Internal consideration and consultation with appropriate teams within the Council. 


Stage Three – Draft recommendations published and second phase public consultation undertaken 

8 February 2021 to 5 March 2021 

Published on the website and the local newspaper and sent directly to parish councils. Also published online via the Council’s Business Intelligence Team. Written responses invited.  


Stage Four – Consideration of any further submissions received. Final recommendations prepared 


8 March 2021 to 12 March 2021 

Cabinet – 18 May 2021 

Internal consideration and consultation with appropriate teams within the Council. 

Final recommendations published – concluding the review 


18 May 2021 

Published on the website and as part of the Council papers   


Decision taken by Council 

23 June 2021 

Council meeting held in public.  Minutes available on the website and sent to affected town and parish councils 


Reorganisation Order made 

If necessary, following Council meeting 

The first phase of public consultation was carried out during September 2020 and following analysis and consideration of the feedback received, together with evidence and information from officers within the Council, draft recommendations have been approved by the Cabinet for a second phase of public consultation The draft recommendations are outlined below along with the reasons for the draft recommendations being made:

Draft Recommendation 1

That due to their being no significant or overriding reason supporting the proposal to amend the southern parish boundary between Catton and Stamford Bridge, the proposal not be approved.

Draft Recommendation 2

The proposal to amend the northern parish boundary between Stamford Bridge and Skirpenbeck be approved in part, with an amendment that the new boundary will run along the River Derwent up to a point opposite the eastern edge boundary of the new housing development and will then run from this point south until it meets the A166 and then run east until it meets the existing boundary with Skirpenbeck.   This will ensure the boundary continues along existing ground features and does not cross a main ‘A’ road.  A map outlining the proposed new boundary is included below. The reasons for this draft recommendation are:

  1. There is no significant or overriding argument which has been provided either in support or against the proposal to amend the boundary.   In analysis, and whilst acknowledging the potential financial effect on Skirpenbeck with Full Sutton Parish Council, and the views and feedback overall, together with the information gathered, the feedback can be reasonably judged to be balanced.  As such the focus and determinant of this draft recommendation, therefore, settles upon the residents of the new development area and the over-riding issue of community identity and community cohesion.
  2. It can be reasonably concluded that the northern boundary between Stamford Bridge and Skirpenbeck is anomalous; the residents who live in the new properties can reasonably be expected to ‘assume’ that they were part of Stamford Bridge, indeed their postal addresses are Stamford Bridge and not Skirpenbeck.   As such they ‘identify’ themselves as living within the Stamford Bridge community and consequently this area should be included in the governance arrangements for Stamford Bridge.
  3. The residents of Bleach Farm will remain within Skirpenbeck parish as they identify with living in Skirpenbeck rather than Stamford Bridge.
  4. This proposal has been a sensitive one for the parish councils concerned and this draft recommendation provides a balanced solution to address the key issue of community identity for the residents living in the new properties whilst also remedying the existing anomalous boundary between the two parish areas.


Map of proposed new boundary outlined in Draft Recommendation 2



Draft Recommendation 3

The number of seats on Stamford Bridge Parish Council be increased by 1 to a total of 10.

The Cabinet report summarising the feedback from the first phase of consultation and the draft recommendations can found below:

Stamford Bridge Community Governance Review Cabinet Report (pdf 614kb)

Getting Involved and Giving Your Feedback to the Review

The second phase of public consultation on the draft recommendations runs from 8 February 2021 until 5 March 2021. 

Residents who live in the Stamford Bridge or Skirpenbeck area are encouraged to get involved and to send in any comments or views. 

Feedback to the draft recommendations is to be given in writing only. This can be done by either writing to Simon Clark, Electoral Services Manager at County Hall, Cross Street, Beverley, HU17 9BA or by e-mailing  simon.clark@eastriding.gov.uk  

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