Withernwick Wind Farm Community Fund

The Withernwick Community Wind Farm Fund currently receives an annual donation from the developer. Find out more about funding information for communities here.

What is the Withernwick Wind Farm Community Fund?

Funding is available to local community organisations for educational initiatives, community initiatives (activities), environmental initiatives, energy efficiency initiatives, community amenity initiatives (infrastructure) taking place in the electoral wards of Mid and North Holderness with a preference for appropriate initiatives in the proximity to the wind farm. The area of benefit map can be downloaded from the table below within the answer to How do I submit an application for funding?

This fund receives an annual donation from EnergieKontor UK Limited. The amount of the donation is based on a formula of £2,000 per megawatt of the wind farms operating capacity which, with indexation, is now worth approximately £40,000 for each year.  

For further information on  EnergieKontor UK Limited please visit: 

EnergieKontor UK Limited (external website)

What is the area of benefit for the fund?

The area of benefit for the fund is the electoral wards of Mid and North Holderness in the East Riding of Yorkshire with a preference for appropriate initiatives in the proximity to the wind farm. The area of benefit map can be downloaded from the table below within the answer to How do I submit an application for funding?

What type of activities will the fund support?

The legal agreement and constitution define the fund criteria as, to promote:

  • educational initiatives
  • community initiatives (activities)
  • environmental initiatives
  • energy efficiency initiatives
  • community amenity initiatives (infrastructure).

Are there any activities that cannot be funded?

The following activities cannot be supported by the fund:

  • Activities adverse to the commercial interests of the wind farm
  • Political or religious campaigns
  • Statutory duties of a public body, including East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Humberside Police, Fire and Rescue Services, the Health Authority, the Coastguard or a Parish Council.

How can the money be spent?

The fund panel can distribute the money as:

  • commissioning - where the fund panel devise a Public Benefit project and employ a group to deliver it
  • donations - where no conditions are placed on the money given to a project
  • grants - where conditions on use are placed on the money given to a project and reports and audit arrangements are in place
  • loans - where the money is spent and repaid at a later date.

Who can request funds?

Applications are accepted from community groups, community organisations, charities, parish councils, schools and churches. New groups or ideas for projects where a group does not currently exist can be considered. 

For further information please contact the fund administrator:

Email: ruralfunding@eastriding.gov.uk.

How much money can be applied for?

Applications for over £500 should be made to the main fund. No upper limit has been set by the fund panel. Applications can be for more than one year in duration.

Applications for under £500 should be made to the fund's Community Chest. This is a simpler application process for small, one-off projects.

Please also see the How do I submit an application? answer below. 

Will the fund support 100% of the project costs?

The fund panel will look for evidence of a project's own contribution towards the costs and will prioritise applications that show a 50% match funding, however, in certain circumstances, 100% funding may be given.

How is the fund managed and who makes decisions on how the money is spent?

The fund is managed by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, the accountable body.  The council is responsible for holding the money, reporting to the developer, receiving and checking applications, financial audits, processing of payments and providing the secretariats to the fund panel.

Decisions on how the money is spent are made by a fund panel made up of representatives from the following organisations:

  • Aldbrough Parish Council
  • Ellerby Parish Council
  • Hatfield Parish Council
  • Mappleton Parish Council 
  • Withernwick Parish Council
  • Withernwick Community Association
  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • A representative from the developer.

What are the deadlines and timescales?

The main fund is open year round. The timetable for 2020 is as follows:

  • Applications received from 1 September 2019 to 31 January 2020 will be considered at a March panel meeting
  • For applications of £500 or less - applications to the Community Chest may be made at any time and will be considered in between fund panel meetings.

What is the application process from start to finish?

  1. The applicant completes an online Application Form and submits it electronically with supporting evidence (including quotes, permissions, accounts and bank statements). These forms can be accessed using the link in the How do I submit an application for funding? section below.
  2. The online system acknowledges receipt of application.
  3. The Administrator carries out a Technical Appraisal (does the applicant have power and permissions to carry out the project, does the project meet the fund criteria, has all the necessary information been supplied?).
  4. The Application is sent to Fund Panel for scoring.
  5. Fund Panel meet and make a decision (full award, part award or decline).
  6. Administrator writes to unsuccessful applicants stating decision and reason.
  7. Administrator writes to successful applicants offering funding and explaining any conditions that may apply.
  8. Successful applicants write back accepting the offer of money and conditions.
  9. Successful applicants submit an invoice for 50% of the money (unless the total grant value is £1000 or less which can be invoiced in full). Please note: normal payment terms are 30 days.
  10. Successful applicants complete the project
  11. Successful applicants submit End of Grant report, supporting evidence and invoice for the remaining 50% of the grant.

How do I submit an application for funding?

Applications to the main fund (over £500) should be made on the online application form within the Flexi-Grant system: 

Flexi-Grant System (external council website)

There are two options on the system to choose from:

  • For Small Project applications – select up to £2k form
  • For larger Project applications select over £2k form
  • Both forms have Guidance Notes to help you complete the form. 


Applications for up to £500 should be made on the Community Chest Form which, along with guidance notes, can be downloaded from the table below. 

If you have any queries please contact the fund by email: ruralfunding@eastriding.gov.uk