Pupil Transition Surveys

Consultation period
11 Mar 2019 - 31 May 2019
East Riding of Yorkshire
Target audience
Children, young people and their families, as well as teaching staff.
What you told us
Parents tended to be more concerned with where their child would go for help and would like the information 6 months in advance, from a visit to the new school/college. 
Pupils were more interested with who they would be in class with and what equipment they needed to bring.  They preferred to receive this information a term before and from a teacher at their current school.
What we did next
Results and recommendations will be shared with schools and parents, to improve the information shared with parents and pupils, at the best time of year for them, for all to feel confident about school/college transitions.
Further information
For further information, please see the attached summary document.
Download full results
Pupil Transition Survey - Post Survey Summary - 94KB Pupil Transition Survey - Post Survey Summary