Council allotments

Council allotment locations, rental costs, terms and conditions, waiting lists, how to apply, reporting inappropriate use and requesting new allotment sites.

Where are council allotments located?

  • Skirlaugh – Holderness Villas
  • Bridlington – Queensgate
  • Cottingham – The Close
  • Cottingham – Southwood Avenue

There are many other allotment sites in the East Riding. Some are run by the local parish and town councils and others are run by allotment associations. Contact your local town or parish council to find out more about these allotments.

How much does it cost to rent a council allotment?

Size Area (square metres) Cost per year








More than 250


Payment is made by standing order for the full amount every April. Full payment instructions will be provided when you are allocated an allotment.

How do I apply to join the waiting list?

Apply to join the waiting list for a council allotment

We will contact you when you reach the top of the waiting list.

Demand for our allotments varies from site to site but as a growing number of people have joined our waiting lists in recent years, you may have a long wait before you are allocated a place. From time to time you may receive a letter from us to check you want to remain on the list.

What are the terms and conditions for council allotments?

You will receive terms and conditions when you are allocated an allotment. You are also asked to sign a tenancy agreement. This agreement outlines your rights and responsibilities.

How do I report inappropriate use of a council allotment?

If you think someone is neglecting a council allotment or using it inappropriately, please let us know:

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Issues can take some time to resolve as allotment plot holders will be given a suitable amount of time to bring their allotment up to the required standard. We will monitor the situation and take any required action.

How can I get a new allotment site set up near me?

If there are no allotment sites near you and you would like to try and get one set up, contact your local town or parish council.

Where can I find more information about allotments?

Other websites offer advice about allotments and examples of community allotments being set up by residents:

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