Performance of council services

Information on how council priorities are identified, what the corporate performance framework is, where progress against the corporate performance framework is published, where to find comparative information, how adults and children’s social care services are performing, and what service plans are.

How are the priorities for the council identified?

Each year the council’s priorities are reviewed and the areas of focus are identified in the Business Plan.

Please see the latest (2018 update) version below:

Council Business Plan (pdf 981kb)

What is the corporate performance framework?

Councils are required to determine their own priorities and manage their own performance. The East Riding corporate performance framework is based on the priorities outlined in the Council Business Plan (see above). The framework includes a range of indicators that are used to measure performance against these priorities.

Where is progress against the corporate performance framework published?

The latest published results for these indicators are included in routine reports (currently produced quarterly) to The Cabinet. For further information, please see the Cabinet meeting agendas (in which the full reports are appended).

Where can I find comparative information about how the council is performing?

Local Government (LG) Inform is a resource developed by the Local Government Association (LGA) to allow users to assess performance locally, regionally and nationally across all areas of England. It can be accessed at the link below:

LG Inform (external website)

How are adult social care services performing?

A range of statistics that councils produce on their adult social care services are published each year by NHS Digital and can be accessed at the link below:

NHS Digital (external website)

How are children's social care services performing?

Reports on children’s social care services are routinely carried out and then published by Ofsted. Reports for the East Riding of Yorkshire can be accessed at the link below:

Ofsted Reports for the East Riding of Yorkshire (external website)

What are service plans?

Each council department annually produces a service plan, which outlines their contribution to the council’s corporate priorities, key plans and strategies. These plans also identify key achievements from the previous year and details of indicators used to measure performance. Service plans are important to help set a clear direction for each department so that managers, staff and councillors know what the priorities for a given service are.

Each service plan is supported by team plans which include detail about the actions needed to achieve these priorities and how progress will be monitored at team level.

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