Flood risk investigations

Contains information on Section 19 flood investigation reports and download links to the Section 19 reports.

What is a flood investigation?

The council is a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), one of the duties of a LLFA is to investigate and produce reports on flooding where it considers it necessary or appropriate.

The investigation will examine the cause of the flood and examine the role of flood risk management authorities that may be involved and also what is proposed in response to the flood.

The legislation that gives the council powers and duties is set out under S19 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

When does the council carry out an investigation?

Investigations are often complex, they involve a significant amount of time and resources and therefore can be costly. The council will carefully consider the following criteria before embarking on an investigation:

  • Significant risk to life or health
  • Number of residential or commercial properties affected
  • Number or extent of critical infrastructure affected
  • Key transport infrastructure affected
  • Significant disruption to commercial and business activities
  • Reoccurrence of incidents
  • The cause is unknown or unclear
  • A decision or action is required by the Humber Local Resilience Forum.

Where can I find flood investigation reports?

When an investigation is complete and has undergone consultation it is approved by the Cabinet of the council and then formally published. Published reports can be found below, these are public documents that may be downloaded and copied for personal use but remain the copyright of East Riding of Yorkshire Council so may not be distributed or republished without prior permission

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