Website accessibility features

Website accessibility features

Can you tell me more about the accessibility features on this website?

Keyboard Navigation

  • Logical and consistent navigation are provided for keyboard users.
  • Links can be understood in and out of context for screen reader users
  • Links are highlighted on keyboard focus
  • Our logo links to the home page
  • Site search facilities have been implemented

Screen reader navigation

If you are using a screen reader, you should be able to navigate through the site using the following keyboard commands:

  • H to move forwards through the page headings
  • Shift + H to move backwards through the page headings
  • Insert + F5 to get a list of all form controls on the page
  • Insert + F6 to get a list of all headings on the page
  • Insert + F7 to get a list of all links on the page

Skip navigation links

To help screen reader and keyboard users we have created skip navigation links which allow you to jump directly to the main 'Content', the 'Main navigation', Breadcrumb' or the 'Page navigation'.


  • Images have descriptive alternative text
  • Decorative and spacer images have null alternative text.

Plain English

We aim to write our pages in Plain English, meaning we write simply and avoid the use of council jargon and describe all necessary acronyms (where initials are used to describe something e.g. BA stands for British Airways). 

Some pages may still contain complex and technical language, but we will, where possible, simplify complex language unless unable to do so due to legal reasons.

Colour and font changing

We offer a high contrast version of the website in black and yellow. You can also use the controls in your browser to change the size of the text or the colour of the display should these not meet your needs.

For example, to override website font and colour settings in Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Internet Explorer.
  • Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
  • Click the General tab, and then click Accessibility.
  • Select the Ignore colours specified on web pages, Ignore font styles specified on web pages, and Ignore font sizes specified on web pages check boxes, and then click OK twice.

Consistent navigaton

The website has been designed to provide a variety of navigation routes to access information. Key navigation options can be accessed from every page on the site.

Each information page also uses a left-hand menu which remains in the same place on every page.

A breadcrumb facility is also used to help determine your location within the site structure.


  • Form fields contain the appropriate text labels, fieldsets, legends and captions
  • Forms have accessible error handling which are marked with an asterisk for mandatory fields.

Correctly structured pages

We aim to provide correctly structured and well-titled headings.

Useful link text

There are various link types on the website:

  • Internal page links
  • Form links
  • Document links
  • External East Riding website links
  • Email links.

We write each to try to give you as much information as possible as to how the link will open, and where you will be taken when you click on it.

Document accessibility

Whilst we are working towards a pdf-free website by converting pdf files into HTML pages, but this will take some time.

Please be assured that we are addressing this issue. 

If you have problems accessing any documents:

Contact the web team

Link to website help from all pages

We provide a link from the footer of the website through to our help pages.

Browser compatibility

The site has been cross-platform and cross-browser tested and is currently compatible with modern browsers.

Please note: You may experience issues with older versions of certain browsers. If you experience any issues, please feel free to:

Contact the web team

Assistive technologies

The following assistive technologies have found to be compatible with the site except for areas that have accessibility limitations:

  • JAWS version 12.0, 13 and 14 Screen Reader
  • NVDA 2014
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 and 12
  • ZoomText 9.1 Screen Magnifier. 

Please note: You may experience issues with older versions of these applications or other assistive technologies.  If you experience any issues, please feel free to:

Contact the web team

Can I contact you if I need help?

We are always looking for ways to help people get the best experience from this website.

If there is information you think that should be included on this page, or if you experience any problem accessing the website then please feel free to:

Contact the web team

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