Local growth

Explains the role and priorities of the local growth team in supporting regeneration and social inclusion, available funding streams and how town centre performance is being monitored. Find out how you can get involved.

What is local growth?

Local growth is about reshaping the economic conditions in a place by working in partnership with local businesses, communities and voluntary services to promote place-based regeneration and social inclusion to create better places to live, work and visit.

How are local growth activities prioritised?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s economic development activities are guided by the East Riding Economic Strategy. Dedicated town centre recovery plans are currently being developed and are being funded through the Reopening High Streets Safely Fund.

East Riding Town Centres

Dedicated town centre recovery plans for eleven towns have been developed and were funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

East Riding Town Centre Recovery Plans (pdf 7mb)


A Driffield Town Centre Vision and Action Plan was produced in January 2021 and brings together expert analysis and local business, stakeholder and shopper engagement to identify a range of recommendations to help improve the performance, appeal and growth of Driffield town centre. The Local Growth team are working with Driffield Town Council and other local groups to prioritise and progress deliverable actions.

Driffield Town Centre Action Plan 2021 (pdf 4mb) 

What is the Reopening High Streets Safely Fund?

The Reopening High Streets Safely Fund is providing £50 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to councils across England to support the safe reopening of high streets and other commercial areas. 

The fund has granted up to £301,870 for the towns in the East Riding of Yorkshire and extensive engagement has been undertaken with Ward Councillors, local businesses and trader groups, and Town and Parish Councils. This consultation has helped to identify the challenges for each location and devise ways of improving the town centre environment, understanding trading conditions and the attitudes of people visiting the high streets, and included:

  • a local communications campaign to promote local town centres
  • COVID-19 recovery plans for eight town centres
  • online business support workshops
  • installation of footfall counters
  • traffic studies in Beverley and Driffield.

Find out more about the Reopening High Streets Safely Fund.

Pocklington parking study

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has commissioned a review of car parking arrangements within Pocklington town centre to review current, and future needs of vehicle parking for residents, workers and visitors to the town. This is in response to a Pocklington Town Centre Recovery Plan produced by The Retail Group in summer 2021 and has been funded by the ERDF 'Welcome Back Fund'.

A car parking survey has been launched with the majority requiring the respondent to choose options from a list and should take no longer than about 5-10 minutes to complete and can be accessed at: smartsurvey.co.uk/s/pocklingtonparking/

How is town centre performance being monitored?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is working to better understand our town centres. To do this we are monitoring footfall in key locations is some of our town centres. This will give a broad indication of how many people use our town centres, and provide evidence for when they are most busy and what impacts visitor numbers.

An interactive map illustrates the location of town centre sensors.

The town centre monitoring system works by noting passing WiFi enabled devices. It collects and then pseudonymises the MAC addresses that pass by a location.

The data we collect does not allow us to identify you. However, anyone can opt out of this data collection by turning off their Wi-Fi or putting any mobile devices into airplane mode.

An annual report will be made available to the public via the East Riding Local Economic Assessment.

What is the Bridlington Bay Lobster project?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council currently provides the secretariat for the Bridlington Bay Lobster Steering Group and acts as the lead organisation. The Bridlington Bay Lobster initiative encompasses a strategy and action plan which together seek to identify and promote opportunities around Bridlington’s status as the Lobster Capital of Europe. More lobster is landed on the Bridlington Bay coast than anywhere else in Europe. The Bridlington Bay Lobster Steering Group is made up of stakeholders from the fishing, hospitality, and tourism sectors.

Find out more

Visit the official Bridlington Bay Lobster website using the link below:

Bridlington Bay Lobster (external website)

or visit us on Facebook using this link - Bridlington Bay Lobster

You can find us on Instagram by searching for @bridlingtonbaylobster.

Latest meeting minutes

Bridlington Bay Lobster Steering Group Meeting Notes - 27 May 2022 (word 61kb)

Bridlington Bay Lobster Action Plan with Steering Group Notes - 27 May 2022 (excel 16kb)

Research commissioned to date

Pincer I Report (pdf 10mb)

Pincer II Report (pdf 12mb)

Strategic developments and Action Plan

Northern Shores Marine Consultancy Ltd Report 1 (pdf 1mb)

Northern Shores Marine Consultancy Ltd Report 2 (pdf 2mb)

Fisheries and Seafood Scheme Technical Report (pdf 3.8mb)

Draft Bridlington Bay Lobster Action Plan (word) 

Bridlington Bay Lobster brand guidelines

Bridlington Bay Lobster Brand Manual (5.8mb)


Email: jon.charlton@eastriding.gov.uk or james.abraham@eastriding.gov.uk

How do organisations, residents and businesses get involved?

If you have any questions about regeneration in the East Riding, please contact us via email.

Email: localgrowth@eastriding.gov.uk

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