Goole renaissance partnership

Explains what the renaissance partnerships and how to get involved in Goole.

What is Goole Renaissance Partnership?

The renaissance partnership is a strategic partnership offering representatives an opportunity to steer developments and activities, to ensure things work together to add value in a collective and coordinated way, and to secure the maximum impact and fully exploit new opportunities for Goole. The renaissance partnership has three strands:

  • a main partnership open to any individual or organisation with an interest in Goole
  • an executive board comprising strategic organisations elected on an annual basis with responsibility for decision-making 
  • links with existing and newly formed groups and forums to steer and guide the renaissance programme. 

The executive board does not directly deliver any renaissance projects or activities. Their role is to administer the overall programme and deliver communications to the community. The executive board is the facilitator and enabler for improvement actions.

What is the aim of Goole Renaissance Partnership?

The partnership aims to coordinate activity to provide the best results for the town.

Organisations and individuals share their views on how to develop Goole, from physically improving the environment to strengthening the town as a solid economic base with a strong community spirit. These have been published in the Goole renaissance plan.

How are renaissance activities prioritised in Goole?

The renaissance plan promotes a vision to steer investments towards. There is not a specific budget for the activity, so delivery is dependent on funding and influencing investment. In some cases, the executive partnership encourages organisations to work together collectively to strengthen the outcomes and success.

What is the Goole renaissance plan?

Published in May 2010, the Goole renaissance plan details the thinking and actions proposed to secure and generate a prosperous future for the town. Facilitated by independent design and environment business LDA Design, local people came together to share ideas and concerns. This information was evaluated alongside statutory processes like planning legislation and transport infrastructure to produce a vision that was realistic and deliverable.

How is Goole Renaissance Partnership managed and its performance measured?

The partnership's governing document is the partnership agreement. It details how the partnership should function in terms of structure, roles, meeting management and the partnership's relationship with its partners and other organisations.

The partnership board completes an annual review to monitor progress in achieving the Goole renaissance plan and measures it compliance with the partnership agreement. The results are used to identify priorities for the annual action plan.

Goole Renaissance Review 2016 (pdf 1.9mb)

Goole priorities

Goole Renaissance is continuing to determine and connect economic opportunities to enhance Goole, and deliver the ‘Haven of Opportunity’.

The Goole Coastal Communities team Economic plan is available to download below:

Goole Coastal Communitties Team Economic Plan (pdf 289kb)

How do I contact Goole Renaissance Partnership?

For further information please contact:

Helen Hoult, Local Growth Programme Manager

Email: helen.hoult@eastriding.gov.uk

Tel: (01405) 767654

Can I view agendas and minutes of the Partnership Meetings?

Agendas and minutes of the partnership meetings are available to download below:

Meeting Agendas

Meeting minutes

What will the Goole 2026 Coastal Communities Team focus on?

The town of Goole was created in 1826 by the Aire and Calder Canal Company to provide labour for the transhipment of goods at the point where the Aire and Calder navigation intersected with the River Ouse/Humber estuary. At that time the principal thoroughfare in Goole was Aire Street with early developments being the (now) Grade II* Lowther Hotel and the original court buildings.

Today Aire Street is removed from Goole town centre. The upcoming town bicentenary in 2026 has sparked significant local interest in re-interpreting the heritage assets of Aire Street and in re-establishing a stronger connection between the town centre and the waterside.

Goole 2026 Coastal Communities Team will focus on the connection between the town centre and the waterside with a particular focus on the historically-significant connection and heritage assets of Aire Street.