Goole and Area Local Growth Partnership

Explains what the Local Growth Partnerships are and how to get involved in Goole

What is Local Growth?

Local Growth recognises places have specific geographic, historic, environmental and economic circumstances that help determine their growth prospects.  

Factors affecting the response to growth include how the characteristics of a place influence the local economy, the skills mix, the entrepreneurial tradition of the population, and the quality of infrastructure. 

What is Goole and Area Local Growth Partnership?

Goole and Area Local Growth Partnership is an executive group of organisations seeking to secure economic progress.  

The Partnership contributes towards raising the profile of Goole and area with a strong focus on attracting investors, making the most of the waterways potential, both for industrial and recreational uses and creating the conditions for Goole to be a desirable lifestyle choice. 

The Partnership is instrumental in building momentum, connecting agendas, and lobbying for support whilst encouraging community spirit and civic pride.

What is the aim of Goole and Area Local Growth Partnership?

The aim of the Partnership is to secure the long-term regeneration of Goole and its hinterland/service catchment through an agreed set of strategic objectives and production of a Local Growth Action Plan.

What are the Local Growth priorities for Goole and Area?

Priorities include unlocking diversification and growth opportunities, meeting the service needs of surrounding catchment areas, fulfilling the role of principal town and encouraging high quality appropriate leisure / recreational opportunities to become an attractive destination.

What is the Goole and Area Local Growth Action Plan?

The Goole and Area Local Growth Action Plan sets out strategy opportunities along with current and planned activities that will contribute to realising the growth potential of the local economy in a way that is socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.  

Actions support delivery of the East Riding Local Plan and East Riding Economic Development Strategy, which determines investment in skills, industries and infrastructure to enhance growth. Localised plans reflect the particular needs and priorities of communities, and promote inclusive growth.  

This can occur through vibrant town centres and high streets.  Services, housing, leisure, recreational and cultural events all create opportunity for local growth.  

How is Goole and Area Local Growth Partnership performance managed?

The Partnership's governing document is the Partnership Agreement. It details how the Partnership should function in terms of structure, roles, management and the Partnership's relationship with its Partners and other organisations. 

The Partnership Board will complete an annual review to monitor progress in achieving the aims of the Goole and Area Local Growth Action Plan and measure compliance with the Partnership Agreement. The results will be used to identify priorities for the Local Growth Action Plan.

How do I contact Goole and Area Local Growth Partnership?

For further information please contact us on:

Email: helen.hoult@eastriding.gov.uk

Email: leigh.johnson@eastriding.gov.uk

or telephone (01405) 767654.

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