Rural Partnership

Information on the Rural Partnership, what it does and how it works with other rural forums and networks.

What is the East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Partnership?

The East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Partnership was launched in 1998 and is one of the most enduring forums of its type in the area.

The Rural Partnership’s core mission is to promote the economic and social wellbeing of residents living and working in rural communities across the East Riding.

Independently chaired, the Rural Partnership can draw on a huge wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, contributed by an active membership, representing a broad range of rural interests. This gives it the capacity and credibility to inform, influence and act on behalf of the rural East Riding of Yorkshire.

The Rural Partnership is facilitated by the Council’s Rural Policy & Partnerships section.

What does the Rural Partnership do?

The Rural Partnership:

  • Provides regular opportunities for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and ideas through meetings, seminars, reports and events.

  • Represents rural interests by responding to consultation documents, informing policy makers and lobbying for resources and service delivery in rural areas.

  • Encourages and supports partnership working through the joint development and delivery of an East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Strategy and Investment Action Plan.

Who are the members of the Rural Partnership?

Rural Partnership members represent key rural organisations from across the East Riding of Yorkshire and cover:

  • The private sector, including the local farming and food sector and business support organisations.

  • Local partnerships and rural networks, including community transport, rural community buildings, and local access.

  • The public sector: including education and skills providers, health & wellbeing, rural funding, emergency services, Council Ward Members, Local Enterprise Partnerships and local area-based partnerships.

  • The Community & Voluntary Sector including community and voluntary sector support organisations.

How does the Rural Partnership make a difference?

Clearly, member organisations have their own specific rural priorities that they focus on. Nevertheless, they all share a willingness to work with partners - both to meet their own objectives whilst at the same contributing to improving the overall prosperity and wellbeing of the Rural East Riding.

The Rural Partnership provides a forum where these wider objectives can be shared and developed. The principle way these are captured and articulated is through a joint East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Strategy.

The current East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Strategy (2022-2027) provides a detailed assessment of the current context for the Rural East Riding (e.g. policy and market trends) and identifies the key issues for rural businesses and communities. It sets out five key objectives that guide the delivery of an Annual Investment Action Plan.

Alongside a number of intangible benefits, it is the joint delivery of a large number of practical activities contained within the Investment Action Plan that illustrates the most tangible way the Rural Partnership makes a difference.

For more information on the Rural Strategy and Action Plan visit our Rural Policy pages.

Where can information on Rural Partnership meetings be found?

Please see below for recent Minutes of Rural Partnership meetings:

How can the Rural Partnership be contacted?

To find out more about the Rural Partnership please contact:


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