Title: Three photograph albums
Item Name: Family


Three leather bound albums of family photographs - individuals not identified. Of late 19th/early 20th century date. (1) Dark leather with simple embossed pattern on cover and metal piece for lock, (missing from back cover). Inside is written 'Lille Hebb. From her loving husband, xmas1888.' Every other page is decorated with floral colour plates, and the edges of the pages are gilded. (2) Faded brown leather with embossed floral design on the front and a linear design on the back, also metal plates on the edges for locking. Every other page is decorated with printed landscapes or floral motifs. Inside is written, 'Presented to our mother by her loving son and daughter Fred and Maggie Cooper on her 47th birthday 1899'. (3) Leather embossed with fruit and flowers, the pages are decorated with gold drawings of castles, windmills, stonework and flowers. The photographs are of the cabinet print and carte de visite styles and the majority seem to be by Hull photographers, although there are a few from elsewhere in the East Riding e.g. J.W. Shores of Bridlington, and also from other parts of the country.

Year: 1870-1900(c)
Materials: paper; card; leather
Measurements: (1) L:30/W:23/Depth:6cm. (2) L:27/W:21/Depth:4.5cm. (3) L:28/W:22/Depth:5.5cm
ID_Number: ERYMS (BAG) : 1997.786

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