Title: Flint tools
Item Name: Tools and Equipment


Two flakes, one core rejuvenation flake and one scraper on a broad flake. Neolithic. 458 struck pieces of flint, from fieldwalking at Pits Plantation, Rudston (centre on grid ref TA101667) in October/November, 1995. See 2002/9.5-20 for excavated flint. Over 98% of this material is fine grained olive grey flint, from post-glacial till sources. The rest is local e.g. from the Gypsey Race or other stream beds. Most is waste - mostly irregular flakes and chunks. Generally early - mid Neolithic, with some late Neolithic / Bronze Age material. One or two flakes and a small scraper may be Mesolithic. The only tools were: A leaf shaped, (Green Class 4c) ogival arrow head, 15 scrapers (one on a core), a chisel shaped arrow head (Clark Petit Tranchet derivative class D (Late Neo/EBA) and a fabricator (early-md Neo). See report for illustrations.

Culture: Neolithic
Materials: flint
ID_Number: ERYMS : 2002.9.21

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