Title: Scabbard fragment
Item Name: Armour and Weapons


Find RF66, a small fragment of copper alloy sheet, belonging to one of the glass mount settings from sword RF17 (see 2005.99.5). Context 1003. Part of the South Cave Weapons Cache of 5 late Iron Age swords/scabbards and 33 iron spearheads, found by metal detectorists in September 2002. The site was subsequently excavated by Humber Field Archaeology and York Archaeological Trust. The cache was buried in a pit, dug into a pre-existing boundary ditch of a late Iron age/early Romano-British settlement. The finds date to about 70AD.

Culture: Iron Age
Materials: copper alloy
Measurements: L:0.65cm; W:0.25cm
ID_Number: ERYMS : 2005.99.7

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