Hightgate - the Alta Via or Alto Vico, was part of the ancient High Street of Beverley. This was the site of the annual Medieval fairs held by London merchants and so became known as Londoner's Street. Even in the early 18thc it was still a trading street, with many small shops. Many of the houses here were (and still are) leased from the Minster Old Fund, part of the gift of Queen Elizabeth I for the upkeep of the Minster e.g. no.s 15,17,27 and 30-38. One notable resident was Hugo Goes, the first known printer of books in the north of England. He was active around 1509. His title page mark was an "H" and a goose. Goes later moved to London and printed the first known wallpaper. In 1785, General Oliver de Lancey (a loyalist refugee from America) bought no.23 Highgate. This was built in 1756 by William Priestman, a carpenter and Joseph Clarkson, a bricklayer. One of Beverley's most famous families also had connections in Highgate. In the mid 19thc, Samuel Elwell, father of the famous wood-carver James Elwell moved from Stafford and settled in Highgate with his family.

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