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TitleMakerDate Made
Alle Alle (stuffed Little auks)View
Miscellaneous stuffed birdsView
Calidris alpinaView
Pluvialis apricariaView
Lagopus mutusView
Stuffed birds with chicksView
Seabird egg collectionView
Birds egg collection1930-1948View
Larus argentatusView
Tringa ochropusView
Tringa Sp.View
Catharacta skuaView
Strix alucoView
Columba palumbusView
Larus canusView
Egg collectionView
Upopa EposView
Larus minutusView
Asio otus (long eared owls)View
Larus canusView
Larus ridibundusView
Numerious arquataView
Sula bassanaView
Rissa tridactylaView
Tringa nebulariaView
Larus hyperboreusView
Parus caeruleusView
Stuffed guillemotsView
Gallinago gallinagoView
Barn owl wingView
Greater spotted woodpeckerView
Barn owlView