Bins left in street

Why not to leave bins or sacks in the street, what action we can take and report someone that keeps leaving bins or sacks out in the street.

Can bins and sacks be stored on the street?

No. Bins and sacks must be stored on the owner's property and only put out on collection day.

Bins and sacks left on the street can:

  • obstruct the path for people with wheelchairs, mobility scooters and prams
  • present danger for people with impaired vision or mobility problems
  • lead to vandalism, litter, fly-tipping and arson
  • get blown in the wind and damage vehicles or other property
  • make it difficult for us to keep the street clean.

Stuggle to get your bins in and out?

You may be able to get help putting your bins out for collection if you struggle to do it yourself and have nobody to do it for you.

When should bins be put out for collection?

Bins and sacks should only be moved to the street on the morning of your collection day

If you can’t put them out on the morning, you may put them out the night before.

Please note: your empty wheelie bins must be moved back to your property as soon as possible after they are emptied.

Can I report neighbours who leave their bins out or store them on the street?

Yes. If bins or sacks are regularly being left out or stored on the street, other than on the scheduled collection day, you can report this:

Report bins left out or stored in the street

We will investigate your report and take appropriate action.

Please note: we are unable to investigate one-off incidents.

What happens if I get reported for leaving or storing my bins on the street?

If your bins or sacks are regularly being left out or stored on the street, we may:

  • visit you to discuss your reasons, identify solutions or inform you of what could happen if it continues
  • take further action for incorrectly presenting your waste or obstructing the highway
  • remove your wheelie bins.

You can find out more about the Highways Act 1980 on the Legislation website.

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