Green bin waste

What to put in your green bin, putting your bin out, text reminders, uncollected waste, tags, new or extra bins and unwanted second bins.

Please place all PPE used at home – such as gloves and masks – into the green bin as these items cannot be recycled.

What can I put in my green bin?

If you have household waste that cannot be recycled in your blue bin, and isn’t food or garden waste which goes in your brown bin, then you can put it in your green bin. Find out what you can put in your green bin:

When and where should I put my green bin out?

Find out more information about when and where to put your green bin out on the bin collection dates page.

Can you remind me to put my green bin out?

The free East Riding App

East Riding council has introduced a new bin collection app. It’s free to download.

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Further information can be found on the download the East Riding app page.

Why wasn’t my green bin collected?

The most common reasons for a green bin not being collected are:

  • you didn’t put it out before 7am on your scheduled collection day

  • it wasn’t accessible to our crew

  • there was ‘side waste’ on the ground next to your bin

  • the lid wasn’t fully closed

  • there was a reason why we couldn’t accept your waste. A tag will be attached to your bin explaining why

  • parked vehicles have stopped our bin lorry reaching your property

  • it’s before 4.30pm on the day of collection - the bin crew may still come and collect your waste.

If none of the above reasons apply, find out if we can come back and collect it for you.

Can you come back for my uncollected general waste?

We may be able to come back and collect your general waste if you meet certain conditions:

What can I do with extra general waste?

If your green bin is full and you can’t wait until the next collection, you can:

Please note: for the health and safety of yourself and others you must not bring wheelie bins to a household waste and recycling site.

Why is there a tag on my green bin?

Green tags

We’ll leave a green tag on your bin if we haven’t been able to take your waste because:

  • there was something in there we don’t collect

  • it’s too heavy to tip into the bin lorry

  • there was ‘side waste’ on the floor next to your bin.

The tag lists items that shouldn’t be in your green bin. Remove any such items and place your bin out on your next collection date.

Find out what you can do with extra general waste if you can’t wait this long.

Orange tags

We are tagging all our green bins in East Riding with an orange tag to politely remind and encourage our residents to put food waste in their brown bin. This is important because it can then be composted, which improves recycling rates and reduces disposal costs.

If you don’t have a brown bin or kitchen caddy you can request one. You can also get free caddy liners.

What happens to the waste I put in my green bin?

Once we collect the waste from you we take it to a waste transfer station where it is filtered, shredded and turned into refuse derived fuel (RDF). It is then moved to a multi fuel energy processing plant at Ferrybridge in West Yorkshire to generate electricity.

How can I reduce, reuse or recycle my waste?

Find out more about how to reduce, reuse and recycle waste and how it can help save money.

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