Recycling Superheroes

Are you a Recycling Superhero? 

Can you help ERYC (Eric) and ERYCA (Erica) the bears to reduce, reuse, recycle whilst at home?

Look out for our Recycling Superhero posts with fun reuse and recycling activities to try at home together.

What is Recycling Superheroes?

Recycling Superheroes is a series of activities designed to support children with the four Rs of reduce, reuse, repair and recycle.

These activities are supported by our two superhero bears - ERYC (Eric) and ERYCA (Erica) - and have been produced to support recycling at home.

They are designed to be fun and interesting and will hopefully use items you already have or use at home.

ERYCA Recycling Superhero

Do you have any activities to help children recycle at home?

Yes, resources are available for download below. Print out at home and let your children loose on the activities.

What is Mission 1 for Recycling Superheroes?

Recycling superheroes here is your first mission...

We want you to decorate your blue bin to give the superhero bin men a smile!

Why not make a nice picture and stick it to your bin.

Here are a few done by some of our Recycling Superheroes.

Send us a picture of yours via our social media pages:

Twitter - East Riding

Facebook - East Riding Council

Superhero Mission 1

Superhero Mission 1

What is Mission 2 for Recycling Superheroes?

Recycling superheroes here is your second's very ap'peal'ling!

Using up old/sprouting potatoes to make paint stampers!

Click here to find out how to transform your spuds

Show us what pictures you make via our social media pages:

Twitter - East Riding

Facebook - East Riding Council

Superhero potato stamps

What is Mission 3 for Recycling Superheroes?

Recycling Superheroes we call on you again!

Can Superheroes also be Superartists?? We think they can!

We need you to look for flowers, twigs, pebbles, leaves in the garden (or on your daily exercise walks if you have none of these in your garden/do not have a garden) and then make sculptures or art designs out of them!

Once you’ve taken photos for memories, everything apart from the stones/pebbles can be placed loose into the brown bin for composting.

Artwork without the need for any supplies!

Let us see your designs via our social media pages:·

Facebook - East Riding Council

Twitter - East Riding

Superhero garden art

What is Mission 4 for Recycling Superheroes?

Recycling Superheroes who will win the battle of Outside Noughts & Crosses!?

Use sticks to make a grid & stones for the 'O' & small twigs for the 'X'

Collect on your daily exercise walks if you have none in your garden/don't have a garden.

Show us the winner’s celebrations via our social media pages:

Facebook - East Riding Council

Twitter - East Riding

Superhero outside noughts & crosses

What is Mission 5 for Recycling Superheroes?

Every Recycling Superhero needs a Superhero lair, see how to build your own lair using things from your home like these Superhero Lairs

Superheroes be prepared …..

Start to collect bottles/milk bottle tops + toilet roll/kitchen roll tubes for a future mission!

Superhero lair

What is Mission 6 for Recycling Superheroes?

It’s the end of a busy week for all you little Recycling Superheroes!

Even Superheroes need a rest and all you need is a table and an old sheet!

Click to see how you can chill out

ERYC Recycling superhero

What is Mission 7 for Recycling Superheroes?

Recycling Superheroes it's the start of a new week so here is your first mission!

Look at all the fun you can have just by using the bottle tops we said to collect last week!

Superhero bottle tops

What is Mission 8 for Recycling Superheroes?

You gotta roll with it Recycling Superheroes!

This one might leave you feeling a little flushed!

Look at all the things you can do using the cardboard tubes from toilet rolls

Superhero cardboard tubes

What is Mission 9 for Recycling Superheroes?


Recycling Superheroes have taken over our TVs!

This week's mission is to make your own television from a cardboard box and tell us the news.

If you don't have a box big enough to make a television find out how to make one here!

Recycling Superhero TV Stars

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