Settlement profiles

Explains what settlement profiles are, information that is included and settlements that have been included. 

What are settlement profiles?

Settlement Profiles have been developed to help provide an understanding of the different towns and villages in the East Riding so that we can prepare appropriate responses through the Core Strategy and other Development Plan Documents (DPDs).

What information is included in the settlement profiles?

The Profiles attempt to bring together a range of information from our evidence base into one place - e.g. Census 2001, Housing Needs Assessment, Deprivation, Services and Facilities, etc. The file below sets out the sources of information used to compile the Profiles.

Sources of information (pdf 225kb opens in new window)

We aim to update the Profiles on a regular basis and add new or revised information as and when we get it.

Which settlements have been included?

A profile has been prepared for each settlement where the parish population was greater than 300 people at the time of the 2001 Census. Therefore, the following Settlement Profiles have been prepared: