Conservation Area Management Plans

Explains what a conservation area management plan is, why is it needed, how it is monitored and lists the most current plans.

What is a conservation area management plan?

Conservation areas are intended to preserve or enhance the special interest of a place. A conservation area is designated because of its special architectural or historic characteristics (which is set out in a document called a character appraisal). A conservation area management plan outlines the way in which the council will seek to preserve or enhance the conservation area and how it will monitor this.

Does every conservation area have a management plan?

No. In fact, around 75% of conservation areas around the country do not have a management plan. In some cases, often when a conservation area has declined, a management plan is developed as part of efforts to enhance it.

Which conservation areas in the East Riding have conservation management plans?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has developed a management plan for

  • Bridlington Quay Conservation Area
  • Goole Conservation Area

The conservation areas are currently categorised as ‘at risk’ by Historic England and the management plan is one tool the council can use to help preserve or enhance it.

We will consider developing management plans for other conservation areas in the future on the basis of need.

How will you review the success of the management plan?

The council will collect information about the conservation area (such as the number of planning applications) through an annual survey. This will allow us to measure the condition of the conservation area at that time. Over time, this will allow us to tell whether the condition is improving.

Can I find more about the Draft Goole Conservation Area Management Plan and Maintenance Plan (MMP) 2019-2029?

Yes. This section explains what the new plan is, why it’s needed and how to send us your comments and feedback.  

What is the Draft Conservation Area Management Plan and Maintenance Plan (MMP) for Goole Town conservation area?

The (MMP) for Goole town conservation area outlines the ways in which the council will seek to manage and improve the conservation area.

It sets out:

  • The approach the council will take in improving the conservation area
  • How the council will work with others to secure improvements
  • The measures the council will use to maintain and monitor the quality of the conservation area.

Draft Goole Conservation Area Management Plan and Maintenance Plan (MMP) 2019-2029 (pdf 9.3mb)

Why does the conservation area need an MMP?

Conservation areas are intended to preserve and enhance the special interest of a place. East Riding of Yorkshire Council aims to provide positive management for these unique areas. Goole town conservation area is currently categorised as ‘at risk’ by Historic England. 

Our key objective is to improve the area so it is not in the risk register.

We are redefining and reinforcing the role and function of the town centre, in response to economic and social shifts, such as the increase in online trading.

As part of the council’s commitment to improving the Goole Conservation Area we have drafted this management plan and maintenance plan (MMP).

Why are we consulting on the MMP?

Local communities, business owners and other agencies have a role to play in the development of the area. These could be:

  • property owners and tenants who want to make changes to their building
  • members of the public interested in the character of the area or statutory undertakers working in the area.

Therefore, we are looking for your comments and feedback.

What happens after the consultation?

We will collect all the feedback and comments made about the draft MMP and take them into consideration when finalising the document.

The comments and the MMP will then be considered by the Council’s Cabinet in September 2019 and adopted.

How does the council monitor the success of the MMP?

The council intends to review the MMP on an annual basis initially, reducing to every three years as the area improves. 

Where can I find the document?

Graft Goole Conservation Area Management Plan and Maintenance Plan (MMP) 2019-2029 (pdf 9.3mb)

You can view a copy of the PDF document above at Goole (Central) Library:

Carlisle Street
DN14 5B

or at the customer service centre at:

Council offices
Church Street
DN14 5BG

Are we seeking feedback on anything specific?

The council would like to know your views generally, but also on some specific aspects of the document. There are 7 questions which you can use to give feedback:


  1. What is your overall opinion of the draft Goole Town Conservation Area MMP?
  2. Do you think it will help the council to manage the conservation area better in future?
  3. Do you think there is anything that has been omitted?
  4. Do you think it would be appropriate to restrict some currently permitted development rights in future by the introduction of an Article 4 Direction?
  5. If yes, what do you think should be covered (for example, building colour, removal of railings, removal of small walls, removal of original windows)?
  6. Should there be any other indicators for the council to monitor? If so, what?
  7. Do you have any other comments?


How do I make comments?


You can submit comments to:


Email: buildingconservation@eastriding.gov.uk




East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Building Conservation
Room AG19
County Hall
HU17 9BA







Or you can also speak to an officer about the MMP, or contact us if you have difficulty viewing a copy, during office hours on (01482) 393721.


Comments on the Draft MMP should be received by Friday 28 June 2019.


You can also come to a drop-in session on Wednesday 5 June 2019 between 2pm and 7pm at Goole (Central) Library where officers will be on hand to advise and answer questions.