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East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Local policy

Decisions on planning applications should be taken in accordance with the development plan unless there are material considerations that indicate otherwise.

The Development Plan consists of the East Riding Local Plan. The suite of documents that comprise the local plan can be viewed at What is the East Riding Local Plan?

Neighbourhood Plans that have been approved by the local community at a referendum will become part of the Development Plan. 

National policy

Up-to-date government planning policy is set out in "National Planning Policy Framework", and must be taken into account where it is relevant to a planning application. Further guidance on planning legislation is provided by the “Planning Practice Guidance”.

This is a web-based document that is regularly updated. Other government planning policies can also be viewed using this link:

GOV.UK Planning-practice-guidance (external website)

Supplementary planning guidance

The council has prepared a number of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) to expand or add details to the policies in the Development Plan. These deal with specific topics such as affordable housing and the provision of open space; or provide detailed guidance for major areas allocated for development such as the land to the South East of Beverley. These documents can be viewed at the Supplementary planning documents page.

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