Planning permission costs

Find out how much it costs to apply for planning permission.  

How much does planning permission cost?

The cost depends on the type of application you need to submit:  Please note that 

For alterations and extensions

If you want to make alterations/extend your home which requires planning permission, then you will need to submit the 'Householder application' which currently costs £206. The fee will be confirmed during the application process.

For new builds

If you need to demolish and/or build a new home you will need the 'Full application' form and the cost will vary depending on the work you wish to carry out. The fee will be determined during the application process based on the information given. The fee calculator below may help you work it out.

Complete fee list

View a  full list of planning fees for all types of proposal including changes of use.  

Can you help me work out how much I need to pay?

It's important you get the fee right first time as paying the wrong amount will mean your application is not valid and the council will not progress it. We will advise you if the fee is incorrect and refund any overpayment.

The Planning Portal has a fee calculator which helps you work out the costs before you apply:

Fee calculator – Planning Portal (external website)

How do I pay?

You can quickly and securely pay for your application when you submit it online using the Planning Portal

Alternatively, if you haven't already paid and have your planning application reference number, you can pay online using our own secure payment system:

Pay for a planning application

Is the fee refundable?

Once you have submitted a valid application the fee will not be refundable once planning consultation has commenced.