Allerthorpe neighbourhood plan

Details progress made on the Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Plan and how to get involved. 

Has a Neighbourhood Development Plan been prepared for Allerthorpe?

A public consultation on the Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Plan 2019 - 2034 (ANP) is taking place between 11 January and 22 February 2019. The ANP, prepared by Allerthorpe Parish Council, has been submitted to East Riding of Yorkshire Council for examination. The council is now required to seek comments on the proposed plan before it is examined by an independent examiner.

Once adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will provide more locally specific planning policy, detailed advice, and guidance for the determination of planning applications in the Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Area. 

The Neighbourhood Plan, supporting documents and a copy of the response form are available below: 

Allerthorpe Parish Council Chairman Submission Letter (pdf 886kb opens in new window)

Submission Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Plan 2019 – 2034 (pdf 2.2mb opens in new window)

Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Plan - Designated Area Map (pdf 2.4mb opens in new window)

Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Plan - Basic Condition Statement (pdf 482kb opens in new window)

Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Plan - Consultation Statement (pdf 750kb opens in new window)

Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Plan – SEA HRA Screening Opinion (pdf 3.4mb opens in new window)

Response Form (word 81kb opens in new window)

Other documents

Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Plan – Health Check Report May 2018 (pdf 937kb opens in new window)

Highways England Response 26/04/18 (pdf 410kb opens in new window)

Historic England Response 14/05/18 (pdf 441kb opens in new window)

Natural England Response 30/05/18 (pdf 1mb opens in new window)

Coal Authority Response 26/04/18 (pdf 181kb opens in new window)

DPP Planning – Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Plan Response May 2018 (pdf 6.5mb opens in new window)

Responses can be emailed to forward.planning@eastriding.gov.uk or posted to:

Forward Planning
County Hall
Cross Street
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU17 9BA. 

All responses to this consultation will be submitted to the independent examiner for consideration during the examination. All details submitted will be retained and used in accordance with our privacy notice

If you would like to help advertise the consultation, a poster is available for you to print and display:

Submission Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Poster (pdf 121kb opens in new window)

How can I get involved with the Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Allerthorpe Parish Council lead the preparation of their Neighbourhood Development Plan with support from East Riding of Yorkshire Council. If you are interested in being involved you should contact the parish council in the first instance. 

When was the Allerthorpe neighbourhood area designated?

The Allerthorpe neighbourhood area was formally designated at the council meeting on 19 February 2014. This followed a recommendation by the Cabinet on 28 January 2014 after a period of public consultation.

Cabinet report - Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Area application (pdf 4.8kb opens in new window)

A map identifying the Allerthorpe neighbourhood area can be viewed following the link below.

Allerthorpe Neighbourhood Area map - as designated (pdf 3.2kb opens in new window) 

A paper copy of the map is available to view at Pocklington Pocela Centre and County Hall Beverley.

Yes. A six week consultation on the proposed Allerthorpe neighbourhood area was held between 2 September and 18 October 2013 so that people living, working and carrying out business in Allerthorpe could let us know their views on the proposed area.

The majority of respondents were supportive of designating the proposed boundary as a neighbourhood area. The comments received to the consultation can be found in Appendix B of the Cabinet report, available to download above.