Finding property addresses

Find, correct or change your address, difference in council and royal mail address, utility company cannot find address and the local/national land and property gazetteer.

How do I register a new property or correct or change the address that the council holds for me?

To register a new property for an official address or if you would like to request an amendment to your existing address, you must complete a street naming and numbering application form. Find out more about street naming and numbering.

How can I find out my correct address and postcode?

The Address Management Team maintains a central database of all addresses in the county known as the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG). Should you have a query regarding an address, please contact us on (01482) 393967.

Whilst postcodes are held in the LLPG and we can advise you of your postcode, they remain the responsibility of Royal Mail:

Royal Mail - Postcode Finder (external website)

Why is there a difference in my address between that held by the council and Royal Mail?

Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File holds your postal address. This file is created by Royal Mail solely for their routing and delivery of mail and in some, particularly rural areas, may not reflect the geographical location of your property. The council’s Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) holds your official address and this identifies your property’s geographical location.

The utility company (companies) cannot find my address, can you help?

If your property is registered with an official address but a utility company cannot find it, one of the following scenarios may apply:

  • An incomplete new build - advise the utility company your property is not yet receiving mail and will not be retrieved in their postcode search. Advise the utility company they should enter your address manually onto their system, or

  • A completed new build - call the address management team on (01482) 393967. We will notify Royal Mail that your property is now complete and capable of receiving mail. This will prompt Royal Mail to move your address from their Not Yet Built list onto their Postcode Address File. The utility company will then be able to retrieve your address in a postcode search, or

  • A non-postal property such as a village hall, holiday accommodation, or an agricultural outbuilding - advise the utility company your property does not receive mail and will not be retrieved in their postcode search. Advise the utility company they should enter your address manually on to their system. They will also request a postal billing address from you.

My property is being demolished and replaced with a new build.  Do I need to register my address again?

Yes, even if you are wishing to retain the same property number or name. When a property is demolished, Royal Mail usually deletes the address from their Postcode Address File (PAF). When you register your address again, the address management team informs Royal Mail and they add it to their Not Yet Built List, where it remains until your property is completed and capable of receiving mail once again.

What is the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG)?

The Local Land and Property Gazetteer is the council’s definitive address database. It records the official location and address information relating to land and properties in the East Riding including non-postal buildings such as village halls and places of worship. It allocates a twelve digit unique property reference number (UPRN) to each address. This provides a consistent identifier throughout a property’s life cycle and a mechanism to link different datasets together

Each local authority maintains its own LLPG. This data is managed nationally by Geoplace and in partnership with Ordnance Survey and is available, freely to public service organisations such as the Emergency Services, and commercially, through Ordnance Survey’s range of AddressBase products.

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