Blue Badge parking permits for organisations

How organisations that care for and transport people with disabilities can apply for or renew (re-apply for) an Organisational Blue Badge.

What is an Organisational Blue Badge and who can use one?

An Organisational Blue Badge will only be issued to organisations that both care for and transport disabled people who would themselves be eligible for an individual Blue Badge under one or more of these categories:

  • children aged two or under with medical needs

  • people aged three or over who are automatically eligible

  • people aged three or over who may be eligible under certain criteria.

The badge can only be used and displayed when transporting any of these qualifying people. Take a look at where Blue Badge holders can park.

Following application, we will decide if the organisation applying has a clear need for a blue badge. Common examples of organisations that may be eligible include residential care homes, hospices or local authority social services department.

Organisational Blue Badges are issued to individual sites and cannot be shared across multiple sites owned by the organisation.

Please note: it is a criminal offence for anyone to misuse a Blue Badge.

How much does an Organisational Blue Badge cost?

You may be asked for a £10 administration fee per Blue Badge upon submission of your online application.

This will be refunded if your application is not successful.

What proof of eligibility do I need to provide in the application?

When you apply for or renew (re-apply for) an Organisational Blue Badge online you will need to upload a letterheaded document displaying your organisation’s logo and company details.

Scanning your letterhead

  • scan it using your office printer if it has scanning capabilities

  • scan it at your local library

  • take a steady, clear photograph of it with your smartphone or tablet

Uploading your letterhead

Save your letterhead on your device, such as your computer, smartphone or tablet, then when you reach the upload section in the form:

1.Select ‘Click here to attach a file’

2.Select ‘Choose File’

3.Browse your device or computer to locate and select the file you wish to use

4.Select ‘Attach’

Files must be in GIF, JPG, JPEG or PNG format and be a maximum of 20mb in size. The online form will tell you if the size of your file is too big.

When can I renew (re-apply for) my Organisational Blue Badge?

You can re-apply for your Blue Badge up to 12 weeks before its expiry date. If the badge has already expired, complete the form as you would if you were applying for the first time.

We do not remind you to re-apply for your badge and we cannot issue a temporary badge whilst your new application is being processed.

All re-applications are subject to the same criteria and assessment and are not automatically approved.

Please note: you cannot use a badge that has expired, even if you are waiting for your new one to arrive.

How long does it take to get an Organisational Blue Badge?

We aim to process your request within 10 weeks of receiving your application form and letterhead.

My Organisational Blue Badge application was refused, can I appeal or re-apply?

If we refuse your application we will email you to tell you the reason you are not eligible. If you have paid an administration fee we will refund it.

If you don’t agree with the decision and do not think we took all the information you provided into account, follow the instructions in the email we sent you to ask us to reconsider your application.

You can re-apply after three months or if your mobility issues get worse.

Please note: the final decision to issue a badge rests with us as the local authority.

What should I do with an Organisational Blue Badge that is no longer needed?

Tell us about an Organisational Blue Badge that is no longer needed

After telling us that you no longer need your badge please post it to:

Customer Service Centre
7 Cross Street
HU17 9AX

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