Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs)

Information about what restricted parking zones (RPZs) are and where you can park within them. These restrictions currently apply to Saturday Market in Beverley and outside the Spa in Bridlington.

What is a Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ)?

A Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) is an area where if you wish to park or wait - you can only do so in a designated parking bay - even if there are no double yellow lines painted on the roads.

Loading or unloading your vehicle is also not allowed outside of bays.

Where can you park in a RPZ?

Only in specially marked parking bays; either marked out using different coloured brickwork or painted lines. Take a look at the various places you can park below:

Normal parking

You must park your vehicle in a ‘pay and display’ parking bay.

Normal parking

You must pay for a parking ticket at the machine and clearly display it in your car when you see this sign:

A 'Pay and Display' parking sign

Loading bays denoted by words 'Loading Only' written on road accompanied by dashed lines around loading space:

Loading bays denoted by words 'Loading Only' written on road accompanied by dashed lines around loading space

Loading signs indicate you can use the parking bays only for loading or unloading from your vehicle:

Close up of a loading sign denoted by a man with a wheeled trolley


Taxis can only wait and pick up people in the bays signed for taxis.

Only taxis can park in marked taxi bays:

Yellow road markings denote taxi bays

Only taxis may park in areas where you see this sign:

Close up of sign which says 'No waiting at any time except taxis'


Motorcycles can wait or park in the bays signed with the motorcycle logo free of charge.

However, if a motorcycle waits or parks in a normal pay and display bay, a parking ticket must be bought and displayed.

Only motorcycles or mopeds can parking in these bays:

A motorcycle parking bay, big enough to fit multiple bikes

Disabled badge holders

Disabled badge holders can’t park on the roadside (out of a bay), even though there are no double yellow lines painted on the road.

You can park for up to 3 hours free of charge in a bay signed for ‘disabled badge holders only’. You can also park for any amount of time free of charge in one of the normal ‘pay and display’ parking bays.

Disabled badge holders can wait in loading bays only if you are loading or unloading your vehicle.

Disabled badge holders can not park in bays signed for other specific users (eg taxis).

Only those with a 'blue badge' parking permit can park in disabled bays:

A disabled parking bay denoted by dashed lines and a sign

If you have a disabled parking permit, you can park here for 3 hours, but you must not return within the next 3 hours and park here again.

A sign like this tells you that parking restrictions will apply:

Close up of disabled parking sign - 'Disabled badge holders only. 3 hours. No return within 3 hours.'

Where are the RPZs?

The council operates the following Restricted Parking Zones:

  • in Saturday Market, Beverley;

  • outside the Spa in Bridlington.

What do the RPZ entry signs look like and mean?

There are two types of signs which tell you when you are in an RPZ – an 'entry' sign and a 'repeater' sign.

RPZ entry signs

A sign similar to this indicates that you are entering a RPZ where parking restrictions will apply:

An example of an entry sign, this one states that it's a 'Restricted parking zone. No loading, except in signed bays'.

This example is at the entrance to Saturday Market in Beverley, off Lairgate.

RPZ repeater signs

You will see 'repeater signs' within the RPZ to remind you that the restrictions still apply:

A close up of a repeater sign - 'Restricted Parking Zone. No Parking at any time. No loading at any time.'

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