Road and footpath maintenance, including potholes on roads. Advice about flooding and drainage. Information about traffic signals, street lighting and road safety.

Report a pothole

You report it. We sort it.

All reports will be assessed within 24 hours. You won't need to contact us again to check it's being dealt with.

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We will carry out an inspection within 24 hours of you reporting a pothole. It will then be assigned a priority and dealt with accordingly.

Dangerous potholes will be repaired immediately.

Read about priorities and timescales for pothole repairs.

New service for 2024

Our engineers can now update you on your pothole report direct from the roadside.

If you provide your email address when reporting a pothole, they will email to let you know when the pothole has been:

  • inspected and assigned a priority;
  • repaired; or
  • logged for ongoing monitoring.

If you don't provide an email address when reporting the pothole, you can be confident that your report will be investigated and dealt with.

Please note: customer services are unable to provide updates on your pothole report.

You do not need to contact us again.

You can be confident your report will be dealt with, as we take all pothole reports very seriously.

Priorities and timescales

After the initial inspection within 24 hours, the pothole will be categorised as one of the following ‘priorities’:

Priority 1 – Fix within 24 hours

Issues that need fixing immediately, either because they pose an immediate danger or because they might cause structural problems in the near future.

Potholes which are classed as 'dangerous' are:

  • more than 30cm wide; and
  • deeper than 4cm.

Priority 2 – Fix within 7 days

Issues that need addressing because they may be dangerous.

Priority 3 – Fix within 28 days

Those defects which are less serious but liable to deteriorate fairly quickly and before the next inspection.

Priority 4 – Programmed dates

Those defects which are less serious and unlikely to deteriorate.

No priority - Monitored

Doesn’t currently require work. Will be monitored annually for further deterioration.

Potholes are usually formed due to a combination of factors, including:

Water getting into cracks

Water from rain or snow enters small cracks and imperfections in the road surface.

Freezing and thawing

When the infiltrated water freezes, it expands, which can push apart and weaken the pavement. When it thaws, the pavement contracts.

Heavy traffic

The repeated stress from vehicles passing over the weakened area causes the pavement to break and deteriorate.


The constant wear and tear from traffic, combined with the freeze-thaw cycle, can erode the road surface, which eventually turns into a pothole.

Roads are also resurfaced as part of ongoing maintenance work. Potholes will be repaired as part of this work.

Take a look at how we resurface roads, and a list of roads scheduled for resurfacing.