Street lights and traffic lights

Report an issue with a streetlight or a traffic light, view the council’s streetlight replacement programme or request a streetlight relocation or a new set of traffic lights.

What are you reporting an issue with?

Can I request new traffic lights?

You should contact your local town or parish council about this issue, as they are usually the main point of contact and may already be working with us to address the concern:

Find your local parish or town council

Why is the council replacing streetlights?

We have secured £6 million from the Government’s Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund to improve street lighting in the East Riding by 2018. This allows us to replace streetlights that may be:

  • cracked or damaged
  • past their life expectancy
  • using significantly more energy than newer lights.

The new lights will be whiter than the older style orange lights currently in use, which gives better lighting and uses less energy. Replacement columns will usually be made of steel, although different columns may be used in conservation areas.

Which streetlights will be replaced, and when?

The replacement programme will take up to four years to complete, with replacement expected to be complete by 2018.

Street lighting replacement programme directory

Will replacement streetlights be in the same location?

The majority of replacements will be within one metre of the old column but this depends on several factors, such as if a road is being redesigned to help improve pedestrian and vehicle safety.

When work is carried out, we will display notices to inform local residents and mark the location of a new streetlight location on the pavement.

Is a streetlight relocation required due to a dropped kerb application?