Traffic management and road safety

Reporting issues with road safety, signs, traffic calming measures and information about Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs).

Can I get information about keeping safe on the East Riding's roads?

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Road Safety Team aims to reduce the number of casualties on our roads through engagement and education.

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Can I request new traffic and road safety measures?

What happens after you submit your request:

What happens after you submit your request:

We will review the following to determine if we need to take action:

  • the location

  • traffic flow

  • injury records

  • other environmental factors.

We may be able to proceed with an installation if funds are available once the proper consultation has been completed.

Can I get a sign to direct people to my business?

Advertising signs

We have a number of outdoor advertising opportunities available, including roundabout sponsorship and display boards at major bus terminals. Read more about advertising opportunities with the council.

Brown tourism signs

You may be able to apply for a brown tourism road sign to help direct people to your business, as long as your business meets certain conditions. This includes situations where destinations are hard to find or where there are road safety concerns.

Fly-posting and illegal advertising signs

You must not place unauthorised signs or posters in the street. This is classed as fly-posting and is a criminal offence. Read more about fly-posting and illegal advertising signs.

Who is responsible for enforcing speed limits and investigating anti-social driving?

Humberside Police are responsible for enforcing speed limits and investigating anti-social driving behaviour, such as careless, dangerous or aggressive driving. You should contact your local police service in the first instance if you are experiencing issues of this type on a regular basis.

Please note: you should use 999 for emergencies, or 101 for less urgent issues.

Anti-social driving may include:

  • speeding

  • careless or inconsiderate driving

  • underage or unlicensed drivers

  • drink or drug driving

  • tailgating

  • using a mobile phone whilst driving

  • unsafe vehicle condition.

Read more

Speed surveys

We work closely with Humberside Police to coordinate and assess speeding concerns received from members of the public. This may include both small and large scale speed surveys at specific locations, which help to identify the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit and by how much. If this assessment shows there are a large number of vehicles travelling at excessive speed, the police are requested to carry out speed enforcement.

Further reviews at the same location are not usually considered within the following five year period.

What types of traffic calming measures does the council install?

Traffic calming can be either single or multiple measures that control the movement of road traffic to promote safety and improve the surrounding environment. This may include speed cushions, speed humps, speed tables, build-outs or chicanes. The type of traffic calming measure that is installed will depend on the individual circumstances.

Why are there no centre or give way lines on some roads?

Experience shows that when there are no road markings, drivers tend to be more cautious and therefore there are usually less accidents – especially those involving pedestrians. If the layout of a junction makes it difficult to judge who should have right of way, then road markings will be provided at this location.

What is a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)?

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is a legal document made under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the Traffic Management Act 2004 and all other enabling powers, by the local authorities under its powers as a highway authority and are designed to regulate, restrict or prohibit the use of highway or any part of the width of highway by vehicular traffic or pedestrians.

They involve a legal procedure that requires, for example, the displaying of a public notice in local newspapers to ensure that the local people affected are given the opportunity to object to the proposals. Examples of TROs include double or single yellow lines, loading bays, one-way streets and speed limits.

Can I view proposed Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs)?

You can view all TROs below.

Please note: each TRO is made up of two pdf files:

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