Natural resource management - what we do

Information about the council's Environmental Management System, Environmental Policy, and Environmental Statement, plus details of how the council manages its impacts on the environment and deals with pollution.

How does the council manage its impacts on the environment?

We use an Environmental Management System and Environmental Policy to manage the effects of our operations and services on the natural environment, both locally and beyond. We are also committed, where practical, to encouraging and supporting others to reduce their own environmental impacts, and to continuously improving the environment for the benefit of residents, employees, businesses and visitors.

What is an Environmental Management System?

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a structured framework which is used by organisations to manage their significant environmental impacts, performance and responsibilities.

We operate an EMS which meets the requirements of ISO14001:2015 as explained further down this page.

For more information about ISO14001:2015, please follow the link below to the ISO website:

ISO14001:2015 (external website)

What are the Environmental Policy and the Environmental Statement?

The Environmental Policy explains how we intend to improve the quality of life in the East Riding by ensuring that local communities are healthy, thriving, prosperous, safe and environmentally sustainable. Each year, we produce an Environmental Statement to report our progress against the objectives in the Environmental Policy.

The current Environmental Policy, which was last reviewed in June 2020, draws together all strands of environmental work across the council to guide our organisation towards continuous environmental improvement. It covers work areas including climate change, the natural environment, the built environment, and sustainable resource management.

How does the council work with others on environmental issues?

We work with local residents, public bodies and organisations on environmental issues, including the Carbon Trust, HCF CATCH, the Humber Waste Alliance and the Environment Agency.

How does the council deal with pollution incidents?

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) as detailed at the top of this page identifies potential pollution risks and includes our procedures for reducing those risks.

Our environmental control officers can investigate complaints of nuisance arising from steam, odour, dust, light, effluvia, accumulations, deposits, fly-tipping, noise and animals; deal with defective or blocked drainage systems; respond to illegal encampments, and investigate filthy or infested premises.

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