Council tax banding and charges

Find out which council tax band your property is in and how much you have to pay. Information about what you can do if you want to appeal if you think your band is wrong or you don’t agree with your bill.

What are council tax valuation bands?

Domestic properties are put into one of eight bands (A-H) depending on the price they would have sold for in April 1991. Even if the property did not exist then, it is valued on what it would have been worth.

The council tax bill for your property is based on which property band your home is in.

Council tax valuation bands

Valuation band Values as at 1 April 1991 (£)
A Up to 40,000
B 40,001 - 52,000
C 52,001 - 68,000
D 68,001 - 88,000
E 88,001 - 120,000
F 120,001 - 160,000
G 160,001 - 320,000
H More than 320,000

How can I find out the band of my property or one that I am thinking of buying?

Use the council tax band checker on GOV.UK website to find out the council tax band for your property:

GOV.UK council tax band checker (external website)

Once you know your banding, use the form below to see how much your council tax will be.

I think my property is in the wrong Council Tax banding, what do I do?

Council Tax bands are set by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). If you think your property is in the wrong Council Tax band, you can challenge your Council Tax band online at the GOV.UK (external website).

You'll need to tell them why you think your Council Tax band is wrong, for example, if similar houses in your street are in a different band.

There are companies offering to help people appeal against their banding in return for a fee. This isn’t illegal, but it's FREE to make an appeal and you can do it yourself.

Challenge my council tax banding

The VOA will change your band if they agree it's wrong. We'll then send you a new Council Tax bill for the new amount. Until then, you must keep paying the amount shown on your bill.

To challenge a VOA decision, you can appeal to the independent Valuation Tribunal (external website).

I think my bill is wrong, how do I appeal?

The first step is to contact the Council Tax section if you think we have made a mistake with your bill. We'll check and get back to you as soon as we can.

Contact us at to appeal your council tax

Please note: if you are making an appeal, you must still pay your council tax as normal, until your appeal is resolved.

I disagree with a decision you have made about my Council Tax, what do I do?

If you disagree with a decision we make about any of the following, you can make a formal appeal:

  • a reduction or exemption you have applied for
  • the person responsible for paying
  • a completion notice we've issued for a newly-built property

There's no special form to complete you just need to contact the Council Tax section at Tell us that you want to make an appeal, and explain exactly why you think our decision is wrong.

I have appealed against my council tax, what happens next?

If you make an appeal, we'll review the information and tell you our decision within 2 months. You must keep paying the amount on your bill until you hear from us. We will send you a new bill if the amount due changes.

Once we have made our decision of we don’t respond within 2 months, you can appeal to the independent Valuation Tribunal (external website).

I don’t agree with the level of charge or discount set by the council, can I appeal against this?

You cannot appeal against the level of Council Tax discount the Council has awarded. You can only challenge how the decision has been made in the court by a legal procedure called Judicial Review. You may need to seek specialist legal advice before proceeding with this.

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