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    We want to make sure your payments are manageable so that you don’t fall behind. Take a look at the ways we can help you with your council tax payments.

    Difficulty making payments

    There are a number of things we can do to support you with your council tax bill. Please email our helpful team, on, so that we can understand your circumstances and see how we can help you make your payments manageable. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the date you pay to tie in with when you get paid.

    Missing payments

    You can’t miss a payment without telling us about it or we will automatically start recovery. We want to make sure your payments are manageable so that you don’t fall behind. Contact us, using the form below, to make a request for help. This must be done, and agreed, before the payment date.

    Non-payment and recovery processes – more information

    Or you can email us on and we will discuss this with you.

    Discounts, exemptions, and reductions

    If you are on a low income you may be able to claim council tax support. This is a means-tested reduction on your council tax bill. How much support you will receive will depend on your income and circumstances:

    • working-age residents can receive a maximum of 75 per cent support towards their council tax bill
    • pension age residents can receive a maximum of 100 per cent support towards their council tax bill.

    Alternatively, you may make an application for a discretionary discount to reduce your council tax. As there are no set conditions for awarding this reduction, we will individually consider any applications.

    For more information, please see our council tax discretionary reduction policy:

    For more information about any discounts, exemptions, or council tax reductions, your eligibility, and how to apply:

    Struggling with debt and need help

    We understand that, sometimes, your personal finances can cause you to prioritise your spending, and council tax might be one of the bills you decide not to pay so you can pay another one. We would always advise against this – non payment can lead to criminal proceedings being brought against you.

    Please ensure you contact us and make us aware of your financial situation, as soon as possible. We may be able to put mechanisms in place, and provide further help and support, to ensure that your indebtedness can be managed. This will minimise the risk of unnecessary recovery action having to take place.

Help and debt advice can be provided by:

    Overpaid council tax

    If you have received a council tax bill, letter, or email that shows you have paid more council tax than you should have, you can request a refund. Once we receive your request we’ll assess your claim. If you owe the council for anything else, the overpaid amount will be used to pay for that. If you do not owe us any money we may send you a refund.

    How you will receive your refund

    If you pay your council tax by Direct Debit, we will send the credit back to the bank or building society account we have on record for you.

    If you don't pay by Direct Debit, you can tell us what bank or building society account you'd like us to credit when you request a refund.

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    Payment enquiries

    If you cannot afford to pay your council tax bill monthly, you could pay weekly, every two weeks or spread your monthly payments over the full year.

    Email us on

    Make an appointment to talk to us

    If you are struggling with your finances, you can contact the Your Money team using their online form. You can choose whether they get in touch with you be text, email, or telephone.

    They may be able to help you create a more suitable payment plan for your council tax and make sure you are claiming the benefits you are entitled to.

    You can also email to make an appointment.

    Free impartial debt advice

    There are also a number of independent organisations who can provide useful advice and information for people who are experiencing financial problems.

    Organisations that can offer financial and debt advice - more information

    Your Money team

    The Your Money team is able to help with debt advice and ensuring income maximisation. You can contact the team using the Your Money online form to arrange an appointment. Find out further information about the Your Money team.

    In cases where there is a large degree of indebtedness and/or multiple debts more than what is owed to the council, cases are referred to specialist debt advice providers. We hope the help of specialist debt advice leads to lasting and positive outcomes.


    MoneyHelper provide free, impartial, and trusted money advice. They have created a simple, flexible 10-week plan to build your money confidence. MoneyHelper's Couch to Financial Fitness covers managing your budget, staying on top of bills and payments, how to cut your costs and building up savings. MoneyHelper joins up money and pensions guidance to make it quicker and easier to find the right help. MoneyHelper brings together the support and services of three government-backed financial guidance providers:

    • the Money Advice Service
    • the Pensions Advisory Service
    • Pension Wise.

    There are further guides available to help with everyday money education

    MoneyHelper's Couch to Financial Fitness (external website)

    You can self-refer to MoneyHelper’s Money Advisor Network. Their network allows you to access free, confidential and independent debt advice straight away.

    MoneyHelper’s Money Advisor Network (external website)

    Citizens Advice

    Citizens Advice provide comprehensive information on help with debt. They also have specialist debt advisors who can provide free, specialist debt advice. Find out more and their local contact information below:

    Hull and East Riding Citizens Advice (external website)

    Step Change

    Step Change also provide free, expert debt advice which will be tailored to your situation. Find more information on their debt advice here:

    Step Change - Debt advice (external website)